Have problems sharing?


Have problems sharing?

I had problems sharing things could be too precious about things.  Most people can be inclined to be like this.  Selfish in some ways and in others not.   I like to look after my things and often others have little or no respect for what is yours.


Where is this leading?

I have created over the years many useful prayers and advice to give those who seek it a helping hand.  My work is unique. I wish I could have found the information I give out now.  Would have saved me some hardship.


What has this got to do with sharing?

I was very reluctant to share my work with anyone and then gradually as people approached me for help I gave the information freely.  It was not easy I suppose it is a case of trust.  My prayers such as Self Defense Through Prayer was started long before 2013 this is the time when I believed it was good enough to start sharing.  I have Acceptance and Release procedures which started in 2014.


Why the change?

God asked me to share my prayers and procedures FREELY.  I had tried to sell them but God has His ways.

When you do not share creative work FREELY which is life enhancing for others the creative energy starts to internalise.  It does not mean all work should be free but there is a lot which has to be given.  I have other projects and lessons to learn.  Until I share my work as guided by God nothing more will come perhaps little tasters but nothing more.

In fact I feel much happier within me and my Soul is joyous in sharing.

Now I feel I am decluttering myself for hoarding vital information being too precious and yes, it was a fear of the unscrupulous who ride on people’s backs, the plagiarist and those who fail to give credit where it is due.

It is more important to me to give encouragement, peace of mind and allow good souls to work in the privacy of their own home just as I have.  Without having to open up to the whole world.

Sharing and empowering the good on the Earth is crucial.


Get people to believe you

You want people to believe you, then you have to give them proof of your knowledge.  Actions speak louder than talking.  Many people are good at parroting others words but when it comes to the nitty-gritty there is no substance behind it.

I have spent years 24/7 working with God, listening to His guidance on the work I have to do.  I have refined my work and techniques.  Ah yes, God does not give certificates out, how do you define something most people would say does not exist.  All too many lie and manipulate to get their certificates at the end of the day who is qualified to assess something which has no definition.  I used fret about certificates, now I know they are useless in this type of work.  I am proof of my knowledge and faith in God and so are you.

When I give advice or comments it comes from my soul or I have learned from God and the Holy Spiritual Realms not something I have read in a book.   This kind/type of work cannot be learned from a book it has to come from your soul to be uniquely yours.

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Simply be you, live your life simply









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