What Experience Do I Have?



This is me just an ordinary person like you.  All I desire is for a peaceful life.  Peaceful well, this is far from the truth.

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When did it all start?

From about the age of 16 when my family move to the UK my life completely turned upside down and has never been the same since.  It changed for the worse and became out of control. No matter what I tried to do to change direction, free up the limitations, did affirmations until I was blue in the face. Nothing made a difference.  You name it,  I did what the consensus advised.

I was hexed by my own family they put a very nasty, spiteful, restrictive and binding hex or evil spell on me. It was like being in a bubble. Therefore, everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I could not do anything to stop it worse still I did not know I had been hexed at that tender age.  I just knew the day I arrived in the UK I wanted to go back home to Australia, the pull was so strong. I cried like I had never cried before unstoppable.

It does not mean that if I had not been hexed that things would have been perfect this is far from the truth.  It did mean I received far more bad luck and misfortune than normal.

The demonic attacks grew worse the closer it came for me to open up spiritually.  There were physical attacks on me when I was a sleep.

Do you think you can sleep through a demonic attack?

Try being pinned to your bed and having a huge spider thrown down your throat.  Squashed and paralysed in bed unable to move, speak or shout for help. They are just physical attacks.  Demons attack every area of your life and it is easier for them if they can use your family to help them, which they did.

I suffered greatly with ill-health something I was not used to.  Always been healthy and fit,  Glandular Fever, ME, IBS, Migraines, Vomiting, Laryngitis, Arthritis, Allergenic Asthma, and Food Allergies. Depression, Apathy, Anxiety and Suicidal.  All of these were created by psychic attack.  Evil were showing me how to kill myself without using any of the known methods.

Then just a few years ago as I was beginning to create my new form of protection, I had a dream of my coffin.  I saw and heard the lid shut loudly. At this point I could hardly stand up.  I had talons pressurizing and digging into my head and a large pin being pushed through my hand, excruciating pain! I did not cry.  No point, had to stay focused and tried to formulate a prayer to halt this.  I did.  I received a message it is finished now, far from the truth.  A couple of years later I received a real death threat from someone close to me evil has its ways.  I moved to another country.  This only removed the physical danger but not the psychic attacks you cannot run away from spirits after all they are energy.  You have to stop them with good protection.

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Methods I used to clear and none of them removed evil

Crystals, I had so many crystals from tumble stones to large pieces.  They take a lot of work.  They need programming to close them to the touch of others with bad intent, cleansing to keep them clean.  I had a large collection and without realising it the energies clash.  Some crystals do not work well with others you could say they did not like each other.  Crystals are best left in the Earth where they belong.  If I require a certain quality from a crystal I just link to a stream of that particular crystal in the Earth.

Amulets, I created amulets using my gold jewelry, programmed them did the rituals.  I bought various symbolic protective jewelry.  I wore crystals too. They too have to be kept clean and cleansed of negativity.  They did not work either.

Incense, I burned many different kinds of incense supposedly to remove evil and negativity.  I liked the smell but again ineffective.

Aromatherapy Oils, I burned different oils made the home smell good and did shift some weak negative energy.  I made a Frankincense lotion to put on my whole body, I was very careful in the amount added to the cream, but it is too much and did not stop the attacks. Frankincense is good as an alternative medicine.

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What do I use now?

I use nothing, God taught me I had no need for any of the above things.  All I required was my faith in Him.  I have no altars, candles or incense, just a simple clean room and myself sitting on a chair. No kneeling or sitting cross-legged.  I make myself comfortable.

People waste too much time and money on the things above and they really are not needed.  I know I did.

All is required is your presence to prayer no extras.

This is one of my daily prayers:

Self Defense Through Prayer

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My prayers

My prayers work and I keep refining them to improve them.  The more I understand and learn I make appropriate changes.  These I share freely, as I do many of my experiences and methods.  It does not have to always be about money.  I include myself in this, the people who require my work the most are in no position to pay huge amounts of money for help.


My entity removal techniques work fast.  I will teach these in the future.  If anyone really would like me to do this work for them, this work is also done one time FREELY please contact me

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Simply be you, live your life simply







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