How to cleanse Spiritual Vortices

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I do not know about you, but I have always had problems using the standard chakra cleanse or “empowerment” procedure that is taught by everyone.  It left me feeling ungrounded and dizzy. I have always been an out of the box kind of person as I find a one fix does not work for everyone. I have renamed the chakras to be Spiritual Vortices this is my own terminology.

I found the ray colours for the chakras did not feel good for me.  I use The God Light (a pure brilliant white God Light) allowing each Spiritual Vortex/Center to function in its own way.

Through contemplation and asking for guidance from my Soul and God Divine.  This is the routine I have created and again amend as you desire.

I do this as a visualisation with the God Light allow the God Light to flow through your body into every crevice.

Spiritual Vortices Cleansing

O God Divine Bless my Spiritual Centers purify all with your Soul Love and God Light. Create a powerful, strong unbreakable and clear living connection between You God Divine and me. YOUR God Light flows from YOU through the Crown of my head the Spiritual Vortex to my grounding centers in the soles of my feet connecting me to Mother Earth’s Soul.

All visions sent from You to me through my visual center are clear and precise. I clearly understand the meaning of Your Divine Guidance through signs, symbolism, visions and dreams.

All communicated guidance sent from You to me through my communication center is clear and precise. I understand the meaning of Your Divine Guidance through all forms of Divine Communication. My communication with others is clear, precise and always expressed in a good way as guided by You God Divine.

I AM connected to You through my Soul. Guide and show me how to unlock my potential and gifts within my Soul.  My Soul controls my entire being.  God Divine harmonise my Soul to  always work  in my best interest by over-ruling all negative thoughts and connections.

I AM connected to You through my Creative Centers. Guide and show me how to unlock my creative gifts and how to confidently and correctly use my Divine gifts. Your creative guidance and inspiration for me flows freely from You to my Creative Centers.

I AM connected to You through my Emotional Centers. Guide and show me how to clear negative stagnant emotions and limitations. Teach me how to keep my emotions balanced and strong to stay calm, peaceful, and harmonious in every area of my life and help me to understand all spiritual vibrations.

I AM connected to YOU through my Earth Center.  Guide and show me how to keep balanced grounded and centered within my whole being. Teach me how to control my lower energies so I feel I belong on the Earth whilst standing firmly and connected to You, Mother Earth’s Soul and within the Holy Spiritual Kingdoms.

So it is manifested.


© 2013 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


If you make amendments to the prayer or there other things in your life which require changing resulting in the prayer not working.  This is not my responsibility.  These are my methods and experiences which I share freely in the hope of helping you.

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