The Guru is within you

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Why does everyone seek a teacher or a master if you are on your spiritual path?

You are conditioned from an early age to believe you know less than others, therefore it has become natural to look for a teacher.  You have to be taught!

This is very wrong as we are our own teachers and gurus.

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Why is this?

If you will allow it, your Soul has all the information you require for this life and future lives.

Your body is just a shell which houses your soul and the soul using the brain to function the body.

Many people easily work with their soul whereas others require a little tuition and no more on locating and connecting with the soul.

Your Soul your pure essence is all you need.  You have access to all your past, past lives, now and limited vision of the future.

You can teach yourself how to open your gifts and utilise them.

Keeping connected to God Divine means you, your soul is constantly update with latest advanced knowledge.

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Advantages of being your own Guru

  1. Learn how to heal your life and health
  2. Always know what is best for you and those close to you
  3. How to create your dream and make it real
  4. Protect yourself
  5. See yourself and others clearly
  6. Guidance on how to walk your path
  7. Answers to all your questions regardless of how many times you ask
  8. Truth in all things
  9. You do not have to wait to be allowed to join a group
  10. Work at your own pace and in your own time
  11. Learn how to work with your gifts or innate skills in your unique way
  12. No competition or jealousy from others
  13. Inspiration and guidance flows freely the more connected you become
  14. You interconnect with your environment and nature
  15. Able to sense everything you own
  16. Receive predictions for your own future both immediate and distant
  17. No need to involve yourself with weird occult practices everything is pure
  18. God Divine is your supervisor who encourages you to be the best you can
  19. How to remove negativity
  20. Learn how to release and heal from life issues

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How did I learn?

I learned the hard way listening to others who kept telling me I needed to be taught.  Spiritual work is natural or at least it should be.

I would attend classes to only find the “teacher” had less understanding of subjects than myself, therefore had no understanding of me.  This created resentment from the “teacher” and frustration from me.  I received a lot of acrimony and psychic attack from the others in the class for just doing what I was able.

I rarely went to large gatherings in conference centers I found them overwhelming. At the end of the day,  too expensive and a waste of time. Majority of the renowned New Age Gurus are illusionists, magicians, con artists and MONEY is the name of the game preying on innocent naive people.

I started developing by myself and found I was moving away from working with guides  I found the guides were problematic this is because they are low-level entities or demons.

Once I started to work naturally with my soul things started to improve though a battle as I had to learn to clear the evil attachments from me as they link with the ego/mind.

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Being my own guru has:

Being my own guru is the best thing I have done for me.

  1. I have refined my gifts or skills
  2. Healed numerous ailments many of them serious using natural remedies
  3. Healed numerous issues and released them
  4. Constantly learning new skills
  5. Guided on what is best for me
  6. Learning how to be me
  7. Interconnected with my environment and nature
  8. Strengthened me and empowered my own life and being
  9. Learned how to effectively remove or exorcise entities.

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Can you be your own Guru?

YES, you can and it is your right to do so.

You do not need anyone else but yourself.  YOU HAVE IT ALL WITHIN YOUR SOUL.

Have FAITH with your abilities you are as good as anyone else.

So why believe you are inferior or that another is superior to be your teacher.

Maintain your sovereignty.

I hope to encourage others to find the inner strength to become the best version of themselves.

Simply be you, live your life simply.


© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved




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