Hatred to Contempt to Freedom

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Every time I leave my home I am faced with a wall of hatred. A hatred fueled by jealousy, greed and evil emotions. Always greeted with two-faced smiles and cordiality.

I had not noticed how much this evil was encroaching on me until I spent a whole day looking for another word to describe my the emotion I was feeling instead of hate.  I was trying to lessen the intensity of the emotion.  Contempt is what I found this too is a self-destructive emotion.

When I think of hate I usually relate it to the common emotions of hatred which racism or ethnic origins and religions, these emotions have no place within me.

Hatred is far more than this remember evil is subtle.

I could see and feel the anger building up within me.  I kept telling myself this is not the real me.  I am not like this but my mind kept regurgitating the destructive thoughts which were the cause and effect of receiving constant hatred.

Hatred is a negative passion! Projected by one person can be hard to deal with but projected by groups of people together is draining to say the least.

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How did I recognise this emotion?

Every day I ask God Divine to show and teach me how to release stagnating emotions they are:

  • The hidden ones
  • Deep rooted
  • No problem I have got a handle on this
  • Old oppressed behaviour
  • Enforced or self limitations

These are the mind/ego hidden bag of goodies it uses to trigger, pull out, set in motion, relive the pain another day on similar issues. Anything to create chaos in your tranquil head and life.

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Do I have a choice?

The choices are do I sell myself to evil and become one of them or do I stand strong in the God Light.

God Divine is the only choice in fact there are no choices.  There is only one way and that is God’s way.

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How do I end this?

I refuse to succumb to the evil passion.

I ask God Divine to fill me and my home with your God Light and Soul Love.  I redeem and repent for my thoughts.

I bolster myself, those I love and care for.

I empower my soul with God’s Soul Love and through God’s Soul Love and Light the evil is returned to the bringer or dissolved.

I empower my own body and spiritual bodies by expanding my Soul Love to uplift, fill me with healing, Soul Love, and God Light.  The more you expand your Soul Love the more you will grow to love yourself.

To overcome the barrage of hatred projected at me.  When I go out I raise my vibrational level to take me out onto another spiritual plane and switch off.  I neither see nor hear them and have no desire to interact with them.  Their true colours show all too clearly.

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Is there a change?

Since I recognised the growing evil passion and accepted it as my error or wrong doing.  Peace reigns in my head.  The mind/ego has nothing to mentally hit me with as I can see both sides of the issue clearly.

I have known and always teach evil is subtle. As evil knows how to weave itself into your fabric.  Allowing evil to get hold of your personality is the path to doom.

Evil’s passion is hatred it is very destructive.  To destroy or harm all that is good. Try to convert the Good to evil.  Evil is tempting.

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Difficult path!

Many of us have a difficult path to overcome before we can move on.  Be prepared to face those long forgotten issues which caused you pain and the emotional behaviour which has been triggered time and time again.  The difficult and hard times, they call it strengthening – any more and I will be competing with Wonder Woman.  We have to be strong, able to change and accept our past, as evil is far from weak or gentle.

Extra care is required as there are many time wasters, tempters, distractors all are destiny killers people who are put across your path to stop you reaching or achieving your goals and focus.

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Acceptance, Releasing and Healing Routine

I NOW accept I allowed strong negative emotions of hatred to encroach into my life and thinking.

I NOW release all strong projected negative emotions of hatred with their links and connections to people known or unknown whose intent was to harm me. Dissolve all links and connections to end all harm.

I NOW heal myself with my Soul Love and God’s Divine Light.

I AM NOW FREE of  the passionate emotion of hatred

I AM NOW Liberated


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About Me

I have had over 20 years experience in taking a long look at myself in the mirror of my soul.  Numerous issues have been cleared off by myself.  Working with my soul has made my life easier to understand, but not easier.  My soul only releases issues which I am ready to face and have the correct knowledge to deal with them.

The worst and most difficult issues seemed to have raised their head recently.  Their roots are deep and from the distant past to recent times.  They have been built up in strength and the mind/ego gains power over you raising stress levels, fears and anger.  The mind/ego knows the buttons to press to get you spinning out of control emotionally.  It happens to me, therefore, it must happen to you.

I sincerely hope my experience and methods of removal are beneficial to you.  Remember you can adapt this process to other issues.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville All Rights Reserved

I am not a medical doctor these are my methods and experiences.

I do not follow any religion other than I have a strong faith in God.


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