Expanding the Soul

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This week has been very strange for me at least.  Many of us good souls are experiencing the effects of our souls expanding.  The soul expands to gain more power and control over the body and spiritual bodies. In so doing much cleansing takes place.

I felt myself shifting internally and then someone pressed the trigger on some of my deeply suppressed and oppressed emotions.  The energy began to course through my body I could not control it. I knew if I did not deal with it and the person concerned politely I would erupt like a volcano.  Yet they were not the one responsible for this build up of energetic pain they were just the one making me release it.

Thoughts ran wild down negative tracks, visions unfolded past harsh scenes of anguish and pain. I had no control over it no matter how I tried.  Valerian my new friend for calming nerves did nothing.  My own energy was too strong and flowing at a rapid pace. I was feeling sick, my food would not digest and stomach became upset. The anger was strong the one I had buried and did not want to go.  It was clenching to me driving along thought-ways I did not wish to travel. Yet, I remained in control I refused to pass on the punishment to an innocent.

I had done prayers and nothing was stopping or calming me down.  Eventually I lay down on my bed calling to God to release me from all of this, to calm me and heal these negative feelings.  I now lay in God’s loving hands and His voice said to me.

Expand your Soul Love you know how to do this.  Your Soul is cleansing out the pain and the energy of the oppressing issues you deeply suppressed. Your Soul is increasing the power.

Slowly I started on an old prayer I had written for Soul Expansion below but modified now:

In the Name of God Divine, Holy of All Holies

I call upon my soul to expand my Soul Love throughout my body and spiritual bodies to cleanse and purify every atom.  

I ask my soul to increase my personal power through God Divine to protect me and deflect all harm away in whatever form it takes.

I ask you my soul to always remove all negative and evil aspects which have become lodged in my physical and spiritual bodies.

I ask you to bring peace, calm and tranquility into my whole being allow it to flow through and heal me.

As I did this I found myself relaxing, calming down and the ugly issues which raised their heads were being erased.  I drifted into peaceful healing sleep.

This is how you start to love yourself.


Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved



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