Healing “The Virus” W/e 13-03-18


The results from the Sonar Scan were benign which is good news.

Natural Healing

I am continuing with the Natural Healing this seems to be the most effective way of dealing with the benign mass which is gradually becoming smaller over time.  I feel guided as to when to lay down to receive the healing.

I have found the mass seems to react very much to stress and when my stress levels are high this increases the size of the mass.  I am not one for showing my stress and internalise all the stress, anxiety and trauma I go through.  When you internalise stressful energy it goes to the weakest point in the body  and for me at the moment it currently is the benign mass.

Stress is the real killer it builds up the more you focus on the problem.  Eventually it turns into an illness.  This is why people say let it go, but unfortunately letting go is easier said than done.  You have to come to terms with the issue, accept it and then let it go.

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Have I been cooking myself?

A very important find and one which I believe most people should take care with is:

The buckle on the shoulder strap of my handbag gets extremely hot in the sun and the buckle was in the same position of the mass.  I noticed this, as the past few days have been 40 C whilst out walking I noticed the heat being transmitted into the mass.  The burning and pain were great.  I have since cut the strap to remove the buckle and the actual strap now protects the mass from the rays of the sun.   In reality I have been cooking myself with the buckle the heat was unbearable not able to touch the buckle as it was so hot.

The problem started over a year ago when I bought the bag, as I do, I tend to ignore things no matter how painful they are at the time.  Life and its stress overtake everything.  I am used to suppressing everything to do with my own wellbeing.

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I cannot emphasise who amazing this herb is.  It really is a magical herb in the way it works on every level of our being.

Since I have been taking Valerian for over a month now.  I am so relaxed and I can look objectively at some of my issues.  I learned a long time ago that focusing on the unimportant is a waste of time.  Getting upset over trivia wastes energy and time.  Being grateful for the good which is being done.

I feel more restful than I have been in my life.  I can push away the stress as it is unimportant.  I can pinpoint real problem areas on every level of my being, analyse it and resolve it.

I have missed a few days and not taken the Valerian to see my reaction, but I still have to take it as I can feel the nervous tension build up inside me.  I feel on edge and anxious.

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Overall I have made great progress with my entire healing.  I have been determined to work on everything for my own improvement.  I feel if I can cope with life and more relaxed about everything.

Starting to exercise again with the focus on stretching the whole body, not quite Yoga but my versions of exercises.  I used to do a lot of fitness exercises and swimming and have a good understanding of how and what each exercise does.

Here’s looking to a new future and adventures.


Get in control of your life.  Take the reins and choose your directions for your best interests.

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Simply be you, live your life simply


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