Things I have done and shouldn’t have

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In the beginning

Things I have done working as a spiritualist and should not have done.  I was naive and just followed the guidance from the Christian Spiritualist Church I went to.  This is what happens when you innocently follow the crowd.

Years before I plucked up the courage to go to the Spiritualist Church.  I was attacked by demons when I was asleep they pinned in a star position and forced a huge spider down my throat. (Demonic implant)  I could not scream or shout for help I had been completely paralysed except for my mind.  I mentally called for my father who had died the year before.  A spirit woman approached me I could see her clearly wearing a dark cloak over a white dress.  I did not speak to anyone about this.  I went to a renowned clairvoyant in the city and she said I had a spiritual experience, I would not call it that then or now.  Eventually I went to the spiritualist church and found the courage to talk about it with one of the members and she said the woman was my guardian angel or an angel of mercy.  Like a fool I believed her.  In reality she had no idea none of them did.

My question now if she was my guardian angel or an angel of mercy ( now I know what angel’s of mercy are) why did they not stop the attack in the first place? She did not stop the attack because she was a demon and part of the attack.


From this began auto-writing these spirits or demons as they really are know how to play mind games.  They know the things you are drawn to get you interested.  The demon portrayed herself as a Southern Belle beautiful and elegant wealthy I could see the visions she sent to me of her luxurious life style.

Psychic Art

From this I began to do psychic art all of this was so easy for me.  I drew many pictures of her, and personal predictions which I must say none came true.  More and more spirits or demons came to me through my art.  I drew pictures of so-called “guides” for other people I knew.  They were beautiful drawings and gave off so much energy.

I did not realise how much harm I was doing to myself and others I just followed the limited guidance and knowledge of the church.

The protection I used when doing this work or any other spiritual work was useless to say the least so therefore even more spirits were drawing in all of them evil.

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Spiritual Healing

I started learning how to be a spiritual healer this took me down a nasty path of being attacked by other “healers” in the group I went to.  I could feel the spears and knives lunging at me in the circle we sat in.  This was supposed to “spiritual healing”.  I complained to the teacher who had no idea about spirits and did not understand anything I complained of.  The NFSH appointed this woman purely because she was a school teacher who knew nothing of spirits or healing she could not feel, see or hear anything.


I was starting to see major flaws in all of the spiritual associations.  I started to do spiritual healing by myself but unfortunately due to the poor protection I was using.  When I did spiritual healing, I found the bad or evil spirits from the person I was giving healing to were jumping ship and attaching themselves to me.  You could say I was getting into quite a mess and I did not realise the extent of the damage.

Reiki (this is not healing)

The worst thing I did as far as healing is concerned was to do Reiki and I completed all three attunements, from the beginning I felt they were wrong I would have massive migraines and vomiting after each attunement.  I asked the teacher and she said it was normal.  I questioned as it was supposed to be spiritual.  From completion of the attunements I started to look for methods to remove the demonic implants as I felt this is what they were.

It took me some time perhaps a couple of years to remove it and I saw the symbols fly out.  I have since done a further cleanse of Reiki.  I will write about this in more detail.


I used to do reading for people too.  I felt very nervous in doing this as I was not comfortable in contacting other people’s relatives.  If it was really them.  I did one to one readings and telephone readings.  I worked for a national telephone reading company and I had my work cut because I was too accurate and they did not understand how I worked.  I could do mini readings to build the client’s confidence and they would phone back for a longer reading.  The company did not understand this way of working they could see short readings not enough money.  Also some people could not afford to pay out large amount of money for rubbish.

I tried to start the reading with the client within seconds of speaking to them so as not to waste their time and money.  I know, I have had telephone readings and the reader prattles on to build up the time, one even read me a poem which took me overtime. Nothing to do with my enquiry. All of this is out-of-order.

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On top of all of this I lived in an area in England which was renowned for bad magic it was where Chaos Practices were created.  I was cursed by many and did not realise when it started as I was only sixteen years old when it all began.  Life just became increasingly worse.  I looked for someone who could help me, this makes me laugh.  Oh this person is an expert they made my life worse. I was left open like a big barn door so even more demons could access me.

Another woman she worked both sides of the track but I must say she gave me the title of a book I used and through my own commitment to God and continuous prayer I started to develop effective prayers to remove the attacks and demons from my life.  I was praying round the clock for months clearing myself.  This particular woman asked to see my prayers and I gave her a copy then she told me she was selling them to her clients as hers. Can guarantee to meet wonderful spiritual people everywhere.

I have continued to refine these prayers and they are very effective now.

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New Agers

The New Agers – you know it I went to Mind, Body and Spirit Fairs looking for help.  All I found was many as I thought misguided individuals who just parroted what the next said without question.  They were full of delusioned people whose practices were unclean in that I mean they were working with lower energies demons thinking they were angels, they and their equipment was not clean.  At least by this time I had increased my understanding.

People were into grids and geometric diagrams which represented something spiritual.  Again,I did not feel comfortable with this way of thinking or looking at things” 

I keep well away from these delusioned people.

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Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters by the time they became popular with the deluded New Agers I was well aware of the nonsense.  I knew from the psychic art people had drawn of these beings they were demons and they threw in names like Jesus Christ and Holy Mother Mary to keep it believable.  So many fell hook line and sinker for this one.

I was told by one of these artists that some of the Ascended Masters would like to work with me.  I bet they did.  The most important thing here.  “I did not feel comfortable with the Ascended Masters“.  I walked away and ignored them, one of the best things I did as the Ascended Masters are high level demons.

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Tarot Cards

I bought many packs of Tarot cards and could not read them properly at all so that spoke out to me very clearly.  I burned the lot.

I then bought many packs of Angel Cards in the hope to bring myself closer to the angels.  Oh this was a joke I had spent months cleansing and cleaning my home of demons only to reopen myself to more.  I could see many large dark shadowy people walking through my home.

OH NO!.  What had brought them in.

The angel cards had brought them in. Focusing on the pictures on the cards which were all of fallen angels especially the ones of Archangel Michael in his superhero lycra outfits.  I did not feel comfortable with the pictures on the cards.  Burned the lot and cleansed myself and home again.

Fallen angels appeal to your ego not your highest interest and people use these cards out of sheer desperation and to gain inspiration from on high.

Holy Archangel Mikhail is the divine Archangel and Archangel Michael is the demon so easy to confuse it all.  You have to differentiate as Holy Angels will not work anywhere there are demons.  For every Holy Angel there is a demonic replica, you bet evil is subtle and determined to hook as many as they can.

Holy Archangel Mikhail is huge, all we see is his energy no more.  Even the Holy Angels on the next level have not seen him.

Can you understand now how enormous these divine beings are?

Hardly able to squash into a lycra suit, this is to stroke the sick egos.  Nothing Divine or Spiritual about this.


I have had over 30 years of experience working in this field it was harsh, difficult and tripped over every bad practitioner you could find.  This gave me my sure grounding in everything I do.  If I cannot help or do work for you I will say so.  Honesty is the best policy.  We cannot for some reason help all people.

Perhaps you can understand why I only work with God the Divine and my Soul the other ways are too dangerous and you could end up in the same kind of mess I did.  I had nobody to help me.  I worked on this myself through my Soul and God the Divine.

I hope some of my experiences will give you insight or help you along your path.

Always ask God for guidance do not just believe what “so-called experts say” even the well-known gurus, for money is their business.

So far majority of my work has been done freely far more than the work I have been paid for.

Contact Me – please contact me if you require advice or assistance.


Simply be you, live your life simply

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved


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