Soul Love vs Soulless

butterflies and daisies

What is Love?  

Many people struggle with Love, I know I did we are conditioned to do things which are expected taught through family and society.  When feelings and emotions do not seem to match the people we are supposed to love this is when our life becomes difficult.  Breaking away from family in particular who clearly use the word love to manipulate, emotional blackmail, users and dupers. Fake smiles and hugs of reassurance.

I put the question of “Love” over and over to God because none of it made sense.  I could see people saying “I Love You” yet there was nothing to support it at all.  The empty words to meet our empty societies conditions.

butterflies and daisies

Over the years of communicating with God and my Soul this is what I learned about “Love”.

What is Soul Love?

There are no words to describe “Love”.  Soul Love is a deep self-empowering energy given freely to responsive Soulful people.

  • Soul Love is a knowing
  • Soul Love is an understanding
  • Soul Love is learning to accept the others for who they are be them human (Soulful Person), animal and plant.
  • Soul Love is a constant flowing of pure Divine Energy
  • Soul Love people can easily see the soulless people

If you are unable to sense or feel the Soul Love Energy remember Actions Speak Louder than words.

butterflies and daisies

What are Soulless People?

There seem to be too many of these people on our planet Earth.  I read all too often about those who have been affected by Soulless People, aka sociopaths, psychopaths, energy vampires and psychic vampires.

Good loving people have had their lives almost destroyed by the Soulless people.  Soulless people do not have a soul they are creatures of darkness, that is what is inside them.

  • Soulless people only have words as they have no feelings they are cold and harsh
  • Soulless people use the “Love” to manipulate people around them.  To them the word “Love” is about as sacred as a four letter swear word.
  • Soulless people are secretive in their behaviour as they victimize in private behind closed doors.  
  • Soulless people dramatise they are constantly moving from one drama or performance to delude their outside audience or to squash their victim on every level.
  • Soulless people are egocentric and narcissistic.
  • Soulless people show no acts of kindness only loud displays of emptiness.  Noisy – deafeners.

butterflies and daisies

Relationship with Soulless People

When a Soulful Person is in a relationship with a Soulless person. The relationship quickly begins to disintegrate.  The Soulful person begins to wonder where the “Love” has gone and spend much time looking for something which really did not exist in the first place.  They hope the loving scenarios will return to the relationship.  This is a hopeless mission. It was a charade to capture a victim.  Sometimes you are blinded by their ways it is so well disguised in subtle ways.

The most difficult thing to do is to cut from the harmful people (soulless).  They enter our lives as family, relatives, friends, partners and co-workers. Once you realise they are harmful cutting and blocking them from your life is not easy.  Walking away or distancing yourself can be very difficult as they are part of a close network of people around you.

If you are to survive you must breakaway and in doing so you will probably find even more like them around you.  They often hunt in packs as once a victim you give out the signals which attract others.  So beware!

I closed the door to one side of my relatives, it had to be done and kept away.

Draw on the Divine and your Inner strength which comes from your Soul to get you through this.  Listen to guidance if you can and step by step you will free yourself.

If you require further assistance place contact me on the above link, only too pleased to help.

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17 thoughts on “Soul Love vs Soulless

  1. Puzzles of the Soul says:

    Ah Lorrie, we seem to have had similar life lessons and gained much the same understanding even though our journeys are unique. When I read your posts I see my own experiences many like yours have been so hard on every level. Take care Blessings and life is taking an upward curve now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cheryl Wright says:

    Great post! Sad that there are so many soulless individuals among us. I can only imagine that they certainly can’t be happy inside. As I have gotten older I have found my life is much better without these kind of people in it. Sad, because some of these people are ones that I love.

    Liked by 1 person

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