Healing “The Virus” W/e 18-02-18

Stepping stones

Self-healing is a step by step process.  It is not a race or a competition.  We can only heal at the rate our Soul and body allows.

The lump or mass increased in size after the doctor squeezed it so hard during my examination and I have had increased pain from the sonography procedure and mal-handling.  Nevertheless, I continue to heal myself with no desire of returning to the medical profession again for anything.

From now on I will write a summary of the three types of natural healing I am using in my self-healing.

Herbs and Spices


I am continuing to drink my Therapeutic Drink once a day and the changes within my body has been amazing.  The herbs and spices majority of them are spiritually protective and purifying. They are flowing quickly into the areas which need the boost within my immune system.  I feel more cleansed and clear on every level of my being.

Orange vegetable

I eat a non-greens diet and it agrees with my digestive system incorporating the vegetables and fruit as those above.

Olive Oil

Sanctified Olive Oil

I am a great believer in the power of Olive Oil and here in Egypt they produce some fantastic Olive Oil with good healing properties.

I pour a little Olive Oil into a cup and bless the spirit of the Olive Oil in God’s Name asking it to remove all negativity from the areas I wish to heal.  I anoint myself with some Olive Oil asking for it to be healed in God’s Name.

I remembered this the other day especially as the mass seemed to be enlarging and painful.  I anointed myself with a little of the Sanctified Olive Oil on the lump/mass and it gave a sharp pain.  The result was next morning the lump/mass had reduced to the size it was prior to the medics examinations.  I am relieved by all of this.  I have tremendous faith in God’s Healing, His guidance given to me on how to heal all within my body.  I am grateful my skills as a natural healer are continuously expanding.



Wow is all I can say about this herb.  Valerian Root is amazing.  I make a Tea from the washed roots and drink about half a cup.  This is so calming and makes me feel restful.  It has a magic quality in healing the impact of stressed emotions, trauma and abuse which has been inflicted by others especially if you have been in abusive relationships with narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic people.  There seems to be a glut of these people on the Earth who go around harming others.

The Valerian is assimilating into my whole being now.  It is shoring-up my physical and spiritual protection sealing all the access points.  This is making me far more focused and mentally stronger than ever before.  I have learned through this not all mind centered people are hard-headed who require mediation to numb their mind and harness it to the meditation web network.  The mind has to be harmonised, tranquillised/calmed and through Valerian to train it to work with the Soul and to accept prayer to maintain personal sovereignty and peacefulness.

Why I do not meditate?

Read my post  click on the link below.


Years ago I used to meditate for a couple of hours a day, honestly the meditation did not make me as calm and peaceful as the Valerian Tea.  In fact it did nothing.

Natural Healing

It has been many years since I gave myself the luxury of Spiritual Healing.  Last week my Soul brought this to my attention.

What is a Natural Healer?

I am a Natural Healer, this means when God created my Soul he added the ability to Heal as one of my innate talents or gifts, therefore, it is natural not contrived like so many.

Natural Healing is generated from God through the healer often in conjunction with Holy Healing Angels and they come from various Holy Spiritual Realms.

I know when it is time to heal myself and often through my cats as they notify me.

I go make myself comfortable on my bed and it is important to cover with a blanket or quilt as the energies from the Holy Healing Angels are very cold if not freezing.  I found if I forgot to cover myself with a blanket I would wake-up physically stiff and cold, I would have to wrap myself up to thaw out.

The Holy Healing Angels encase me with their special energies before commencing the healing.  I drift off to sleep as they begin their healing on me.

From this I have noticed a marked change in the mobility of my legs which I have struggled with after a serious fall simply because I did not give myself time for personal healing.  I can be lazy like everyone else at times.  Oh yes, I am walking very well now.

A couple of days ago as I got off the transport I jarred my shoulder it was painful so without a further a do.  I included this in my healing process with the Holy Healing Angels and the strain has gone leaving no pain.  So it is worth using your skills/gifts if you have them on yourself.


I am really enjoying my self-healing time.  I should have not neglected myself for so long. Of Course, many issues are bubbling to the surface as the various types of healings are working.  I am closing off much of the past now and this is enabling me to move forward.

Contact Me  If you have any questions or would like some help with your own self-healing do not hesitate to contact me on the link.

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9 thoughts on “Healing “The Virus” W/e 18-02-18

  1. A Dude Abikes says:

    I believe in acupuncture, massage, herbs, diet, exercise, even things not as scientific like reiki and prayer. If it works for you, great. But I also believe in science. If I break my arm, I will go have a doctor set it, x-ray, cast, etc. Not pray. That’s a good way to have a deformed arm, infection, etc for no good or logical reason. I agree many allopathic doctors cannot really help you. But Western medicine keeps me alive. So do not throw out the baby with the bath water over one uncomfortable procedure, even if it was a bad doctor, maybe it was necessary and other doctors would do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      I think you do not understand Natural Healing at all. My son as a teenager broke both his arms in a cycling accident. He had to have metal plates put in his arms. The pain killers prescribed made him very aggressive. Once he was home we stopped the pain killers I continued with healing each session being 2 hours. This removed the pain and triggered the body to heal itself. After 6 weeks he started to regain the mobility of his arms and the incisions healed up completely. Drs were amazed,

      I have had acupuncture, massage they are not as effective as healing. I use herbs and diet to heal too. I agree exercise is important to for good health.

      I did the Reiki training but had to remove the implants as it is a negative practice. It is not healing but binding. Reiki practitioners have no idea of the rules set out by government for practicing. This link supports my view on Reiki.

      I have never advised anyone not to go to the Doctor it is their choice. If it is a serious condition I advise they check with the Doctor. There are strict rules which a Healer has to follow when working with other people. I have learned to use my God given gift to heal myself and others. Read my testimonies. My assessment of Doctors is not from one bad treatment but of many within my family. People died from negligent treatment. One instance when my father was critically the Doctor asked if we wanted him to die. Nice one. They would have just starved him to death as they were doing to many in the same ward.

      Healing and Natural Therapies are the way I live and have over 30 years experience in working this way.

      Healing is a very intricate and powerful way of curing. It is far more than praying it is knowing how to work with the Universal Energies. Take care and many blessings to you.


      • A Dude Abikes says:

        I understand belief is very powerful and based on experience, and you cannot easily change it in yourself or others. I have no access to or money for natural healers so I access the health care I can. I’m glad you don’t totally discount doctors and am sorry for your son’s accident but that’s good he healed. The body often heals itself and often drugs have bad side effects. Do whatever works for you and best of luck healing from cancer.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Puzzles of the Soul says:

          Thanks for your reply to date I have not charged for healing always free. I know many do charge high prices but it is not my way. Everything I do or teach has to be affordable, simple and minimalistic. The people who need the help most do not have money to spend on their health.

          I am lucky it is benign but healing the mass. Thank you for your wishes and good luck to you too.

          Liked by 1 person

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