Healing “The Virus” W/e 10-02-18


I have been healing myself for over 30 years so I am far from being a beginner.  I work with my Soul in conjunction with God.  My clairvoyance (visions) is such my Soul projects visual information and my clairaudience is accurate (hearing)  plus many other senses.  I am able to quickly assess for myself the correct natural procedure to take.  One thing for sure I do not believe in playing with my health.  I completely rely on myself as I have the responsibility for my entire being.
Using natural remedies it is impossible to harm yourself unlike medical treatments.  As with all things moderation should be practiced.  It takes time to become proficient in healing yourself and I have dedicated at least 30 years to this.  I always encourage people to work with their soul as I would like them to be in control of their life and health.  Everyone is entitled to heal themselves but not everyone is a healer.

What has been happening?

Since my last update in receiving confirmation from the Sonography Doctor the lump or mass is benign, I had already diagnosed this myself.

I have been in a lot of pain due to the Doctor squeezing the mass very strongly and today I am still in much pain with this.  The other it took two days to recover from the chemical gel which was used in the Sonography examination.  I react badly to chemicals they make me feel sickly and tired.

Decision time about the Biopsy.

I researched the internet to learn about the pros and cons of having a biopsy done on the mammary mass.  I read many different pages and found this link to be the clearest.


There were two recommendations:

  1. Ultrasound Guided Biopsy.

Basically this is a procedure whereby a needle is insert into the mass to extract a sample for further examination.

Local Anesthetic is used to numb the mass.

Risk factors

There is a risk of bleeding from the breast being punctured by the extraction needle.

Post procedure pain which would require pain killers.

Infection again from puncturing of the breast skin requiring antibiotics.

There is a risk the needle may be inserted too deep and puncturing the lung causing it to collapse.

There is a chance no further information can be found than already given in the Ultrasound examination.

2.    Surgical Biopsy

With an excisional biopsy, the whole abnormal area (plus some of the surrounding normal tissue) is removed for further examination.  A wire or a marker is inserted and left there for future examinations.

The area is locally anesthetized  with a numbing drip to control the pain.

The risk factors are the same as above.

My Analysis

Although the information given about having the biopsy stated it was only a small percentage who suffered the risks in these procedures.  This is a small percentage too much for me.

I react badly to Local Anesthetics, pain-killers and antibiotics the chemicals are too strong for my body to take.   This is due to the fact I only use natural healing, natural remedies and have been cleansing for many years. The chemicals can take days or even months to clear the body leaving me feeling very ill from the chemical effects.  I could still taste the Sonar Gel in my mouth two days after the examination.  The last time I went to the dentist a couple of months ago I was ill for a week from the local anesthetic, chemical mouth rinses etc. as far as I am concerned it is just not worth it.


I have decided to keep to the Natural Medicine and Natural Healing I have been making good progress with my own methods and choices of herbal remedies.  There are no side effects taking herbs and spices.  Definitely no harm can be done through Natural Healing which is extremely effective.  No need to be proddled about with.

Progress since Sonograph

I had stopped taking all my therapeutic drinks and purifiers.  Body needed a rest from the deep cleansing.

I have resumed my therapeutic drink in the morning and not taking the evening drink as I am taking Valerian at night to calm my nerves.  Note do not overload yourself with remedies some do not work together.

I maintain a good diet with no green vegetables.

Being decisive is important as it puts the direction in which you would like to go into motion also I remain in control of my own healing and health.

I feel stronger within myself and clearer.

Going forward

The more you become familiar with Naturally Healing your own body the easier it will be for you to understand.  Only your soul has the correct solutions for you.  Even though I researched the herbs and spices to gain an understanding of them.  My Soul made the decision on which to use and how to use them.  I have seen too many websites which are a complete copy and paste of another one.  I would like to know the original writer, therefore, care must be taken when researching.  Only follow the Soul’s guidance.

Contact me Please contact me if you require further assistance in self-healing.

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