Valerian Trial


Unwashed Dried Valerian Root

My friend, Ahmed a Therapeutic Herbalist  advised me I should take some Valerian.  I had heard about the herb but not investigated it before. Known as Spikenard in the Old Testament.

Valerian is one of the gentlest, non toxic, non addictive tranquillisers

Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

Uses – Nervous tension, excitability, convulsions, sleeplessness, restlessness, palpitations, high blood pressure, irritability, excessive nervous stress, mental confusion, tensive headache, migraine, menstrual pain, muscle and intestinal cramps, insomnia, depression.

Used to aid withdrawal of Valium and Librium addictions. Used with some success on shell and air-raid shock.


Valerian is good for protection on a spiritual level and this makes it good to help anyone under psychic attack as the herb puts protection throughout the body.  Excellent for people with depression as depression often is a result of negative energies.   Nanette

I had taken notice of my nerves for sometime.  General nervous feeling within me and nervous stomach every time I was about to go out.


I took a small portion of unwashed Valerian and washed them whilst I boiled some water.  I placed the washed Valerian in a dish and poured about a liter of boiling water over the roots and covered the dish.  Allowed them to steep for a couple of hours.

I received the thought from my soul to only take half a cup.  I took a ladle and poured half a cup of liquid into a glass.


I drank it and left the rest of the roots to steep overnight before straining the roots and pouring the liquid into a container with a sealed top.

First Day

The first night I slept so deeply I found it hard to open my eyes and get off my bed I was so relaxed it seemed to take forever to move.

In the morning I felt so relaxed I did not want to get up but just to lay there on the bed.  I had no choice with two cats to look after I got up and tended to them.  I was so relaxed.  I noticed something felt like a cap on my head.  My head felt like it had been enclosed with protection.  As I lay on my bed I felt work or closure being done on my feet.  The feet are an access point for evil to gain entry into the spiritual bodies and physical body.

I slept virtually all day.  I had never felt so relaxed in my life before so much so I travelled back in time within my soul to check if I had ever been so relaxed. No, not even when I was a baby there had not been a time in this lifetime when I was so relaxed.

I decided to reduce the amount I took in the evening to a quarter of a cup as I felt the effect was very strong.

Second Day

I was relaxed but not nearly as relaxed as the first dose.  I felt some tension throughout the day and now the tension had become obvious.

This day I felt a fine crack at the back of my head close up.  What had caused this crack?

There were a few possible reasons and I have given some examples they happened many years ago.

  1.  My ex husband belted me across the face too hard I could not close my mouth for a few days.
  2. My ex husband used to shout at me until I would scream (marriage did not last long divorced after four years.)
  3. Both my son and mother would push me in arguments until I screamed with the pain of their aggressiveness.
  4. At the gym when partnering to do crunchies my so-called friend whiplashed my neck as she pulled me up to a sitting position.

I used to suffer headaches down this fine crack.  It is incredible the damage caused by other’s constant bad behaviour. During this time my nerves became shredded and my hands started to shake.  There have been many contributing factors, I am far from perfect. I had to learn how to react in a calmer way to people’s aggression. These issues contributed to a communication problem on a larger scale i.e not being allowed to speak, listened to or heard.  If I could not be calm then I had to learn to physically withdraw until I could. We are responsible for our own actions and behaviour.  My own reactions were also harming me and I accept this.  I have learned to deal with this now.

I had to find peace and quiet and this brought me to where I live now.  I found quiet but not peace.  Quiet is very important for healing extreme shattered nerves.

As I said earlier the reduced dose was not enough to calm me.  In the evening before bed I increased the amount to just under half a cup.

Day Three

I was a bit more relaxed but not nearly as much as the first dose.  I went out with my friend, Ahmed the Therapeutic Herbalist for the day.  I was very tired and we discussed about my having a biopsy and how I was reacting to the Valerian.

Exhausted and upset when I got home. Interacting with people in shops was draining.

Still feeling stressed I decided to go back to the half cup dose and did not sleep because of moving cramps in my feet and legs.  Moving cramps are negative energy being released.

Day Four

I went back to bed mid-morning and slept well and woke rested and relaxed.

I have felt more relaxed physically today than the past two days. I did not require an afternoon nap but the occasional rest

This evening I will increase the dose to a little more than half a cup.

You have to test the dosage for yourself to ensure it is right.  I did not want to be too relaxed unable to do anything, but then I need to feel comfortable within myself.

I can recommend the use of Valerian to calm nerves, nervous stomach, and negative protection.


I am so grateful to my friend, Ahmed for being able to see something within myself and the correct herb to use.  I have received so much relief from taking Valerian and now know what it is to be relaxed.

Cat owners please note

Many cats love Valerian it is harmless to them but it makes them go a little crazy.  I have two cats one was not interested in the Valerian and the other could not stop playing football and rolling all over the small piece I gave her.


The bag had a mild smell of Valerian in it from carrying the roots home. I washed the bag but still the smell of Valerian lingers.  This is her reaction to the Valerian smell.

Contact me  please contact me if you should require any advice on self-healing or self-help.

Simply be you, live your life simply.

© 2018 Puzzles of the Soul – Author Nanette de Ville.

All rights reserved.


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