Healing “The Virus” w/e 27-01-18


As with all things when healing we have our good days and difficult days.


Serious about healing yourself then you MUST take time to rest and allow your body to heal the illness or repair physical damage. Some healings are the equivalent of having an operation, now would you go running around like there was nothing wrong with you after an operation, NO way, you would not.  Then have the same respect for yourself with healing.

I have had a couple of very exhausting days to do with the sorting out of personal business.  Keeping to regimes in the evening went by the by.  I was too tired when I finally came home and just wanted something quick to eat and go to sleep.  I really had overdone everything in preparation for the forthcoming meetings, it was worth it.

Quick naps before meetings helped a lot to keep me going and in a bright frame of mind. Then after the meetings straight to sleep and completely relax.

Exhaustion comes on quickly meaning you have used all the energy accrued from the day’s before resting and nourishing. I had two solid days of preparing for business meetings there was no day in between to recoup.  If you burn out or become too tired quickly plan your work around rest days if possible. Make sure you get to bed early to sleep. Life sounds fun doesn’t it.  This is the only way to survive working and healing at the same time.

When I had ME I worked all the time without any sick days.  The only way was to have an afternoon nap at lunchtime in my car in the car park.  Exactly one hour.  I used to strategically park my car so it was private and nothing to disturb me. Always woke up feeling refreshed.

Healing is very important  it is my health and when the health is not good then you have nothing.

The Cough

The cough is beginning to heal up now with no more coughing attacks.  I remember to gargle with salt water and have started to drink Turmeric Lemonade and this is giving an extra boost to my immune system.  A simple drink hot or cold.

Two lemons blended

Boiled water

1/2 tspn of Turmeric

1/4 tspn of Black Pepper

Strain the juice of the lemons add the lemon juice to about 1 liter of boiled water-cooled or warm.

Add the Turmeric and Black Pepper and whisk to blend them.

Experiences this week

This week I have had a great deal of moving or shifting pains in my chest with the odd pain at the back of my head.  On occasion the chest pains have been strong. Grateful to be at home and able to endure privately.

Some mornings feeling nauseous until I had my therapeutic drink.  I have a little tomato and cucumber salad with all my meals.  Remember cucumber is good to release deep-rooted issues, emotions and problems.   This in turn brought up many more issues, where do they all hide.  Better they go than continue to create inner blocks which can also effect your outer world.  When you are healing this type of virus one which is known to be virulent there has to be many issues connected to it as they all will have contributed to the creation of lumps or tumours; as have any medicines taken over the years.  Medicines move and block energy within the body stopping the natural energy flows.

What can be done to speed the healing up?  Nothing! you have to go at a steady pace to heal.  If you go too fast then you will miss something vital which needed analysis and understanding.

In the long-term you are getting to know yourself and accepting yourself on every level.

It is that time again, rest and relax.

Contact Me – if you require some assistance in starting to self-healing please contact me.

© 2018 – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

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