Healing “The Virus” Five More Updates


Enjoy the journey to improve my health, to increase my faith in my healing skills. My faith in God is very strong.   Natural Healing is only with the power of God and prayer plus guided natural medicines and diets. Nothing more, anything else is not natural healing.  There is no greater healer than God, the Divine, Holy of All Holies, Light of All Lights, most merciful and compassionate.

My days seem to merge together and I lose time.  I like to be timeless it gives a sense of being whole.


I followed my usual regime of poultice and Nanette’s Therapeutic Drink. Keeping to daily routine though have returned back to drinking one cup of my Therapeutic Drink. It feels more beneficial.

The lump is slowly reducing and remaining soft.

Yesterday and today some mild pain. With stabbing pain right-hand side under shoulder blade and mid spine. I feel stronger internally than I have done for a very long time. My chest cavity area also is clearer with less coughing and mucus.

Taking it easy, and since I have let go and allowed myself to heal I became very tired which is a sign of requiring sleep, healing sleep. This form of tiredness is very different feeling from tired because you have over-done something during the day. It is a strong sensation of having to sleep and nothing you can do to bring yourself out of it. You may sleep a short time or hours depending on your need wake up feeling much better than when you went to sleep.


I followed my usual regime of poultice and Nanette’s Therapeutic Drink.  I napped or rested on and off all day.

I did not sleep this night I was kept awake with one thing and another.  I was tired but unable rest.  Energies were shifting with emotions of long ago raising their heads into my thoughts.  My life seems to be filled with so many issues and because I am analytical I like to go to the nth degree with my understanding.


The two days merged into each other and being awake and unable to sleep I went shopping to top up the food needed for my diet especially the Date Honey I had almost used a jar in a week.  The herbal shop is one that I would like to buy everything.  I have to stick to my healing herbs.

It is an arduous morning and ached a lot by the time of arrived home.  Finding it impossible to sleep continued with my daily chores.

I kept to my daily of Nanette’s Therapeutic Drink morning and evening. No poultice at night.

Progress is often slow and there was no pain which is good.

Slept all night and woke feeling better though still tired.


I changed my Therapeutic Drink  to have 1/2 tspn of Turmeric and 1/4 tspn of Black Pepper, 2 tspns Molasses and Date Honey.

No Poultice this evening having a rest.

Slept virtually all day and all night.


I woke feeling nauseous and pain in the back of my head.

Both disappeared after my Therapeutic Drink.

I had a moving pain in my breast which is telling me the negativing was being moved out and also healing of any damage caused by the virus or anything else was taking place.  I usually just ignore it and sure enough it has passed and no pain. This evening the lump is almost gone just a soft presence.

I had a day of emotional and issue healing of reviewing my past hurts.  It is amazing how much we store within ourselves. It sits there waiting to be reviewed and understood.

The Cough

Today I decided to tackle the cough it is almost gone and still annoying.  Salt is an old favourite of mine.  I gargle with salt water and sip salt water to remove the irritation.  Salt is a natural antiseptic.


Every day I do Forgiveness prayers this also brings people and issues into our thoughts which require closure in our lives.


Below is my forgiveness prayer:

In the Name of God Divine

I ask you to forgive me as I forgive those who have harmed me.  I forgive myself for knowingly or unknowingly hurting myself and others. I look upon myself with compassion for the mistakes I have made.

I  forgive all those who have harmed me whether they are known or unknown to me.  I look upon them with compassion for the mistakes they have made.

I am grateful for your forgiveness and this is done forever.

I draw the God Light in and around me and my home filling us and cleansing every atom of us.


Prayer for me is of utmost importance.  I have many prayers I do for myself and others especially my daily healing prayer.

I do self-healing too working with God.

My diet helps boost my immune system.

Contact Me  if you require assistance via my Contact Page on this website.

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