Time to Detox


People are obsessed with detoxing their bodies.

Do you think it is normal to do this?

I certainly do not think it is normal in fact it is very harmful to force your body to detox.

Did you know the body detoxes itself without your help only thing is you do not realise it?

How does the body detox?

As with everything it is a simple but may be uncomfortable process.

  1. Colds and Flue.  The body cleanses itself through colds or flue releasing mucus from within the body. The body increases the temperature to burn of infections and toxins.  The mucus has been created by toxins and the body must remove them naturally through a cold or flu.  The body also is in need of rest during this release time.  The immune system requires boosting to aid recovery.  Hot Lemon, Ginger and Honey drinks are ideal.detox 1
  2. Flu Vaccines carry a manmade virus which is unnatural to the body, therefore the effect of the infections from the Flu Vaccine is stronger and more difficult to remove.  The body has to go into fight mode as normal natural detox will not suffice.  Resulting in you being very ill for a few months. You will have to maintain a high immune system boosting diet and high protein to bring your body’s own immune system back to normal.
  3. Diarrhoea is another quick way the body removes infections from ingesting bad food, poisons, or food you are allergic to.  Drink plenty of water to flush out the infections or poisons preferably keeping off food until your digestive system has settled. If it is poisons you have ingested then you should take Turmeric and Black Pepper with milk to purify your digestive system.  Milk is good to stabilise you if you have been poisoned. I also found this to be good for pets.
  4. Vomiting- the digestive system will send back undesirable food, medicines and drinks sometimes almost immediately.  I experienced this a lot when I had migraines as they were food allergies and also my body no longer tolerated the medication/tablets I was taking as pain killers they came back quicker than I swallowed them.
  5. Breathing – ensure you get plenty of clean and fresh air as this will help your body detox replace stagnant air from the lungs and body with new fresh clean air.
  6. The Liver is your first line defense it acts as a filter to stop toxins entering your bloodstream.
  7. The Colon acts as a filter to flush out toxic chemicals before they do you harm.
  8. Kidneys are constantly filtering your blood to remove toxins in the form of urine.

The body is very capable of detoxing itself as and when required.  There is no need to force your body to detox unnaturally even if it is using natural medicine it is very harmful.

Food for immune system

Keep your immune system healthy and allow your body to work naturally.  Learn to listen to your body and understand how to care for yourself naturally.

© 2018 Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved

15 thoughts on “Time to Detox

  1. onewiththespirit says:

    After dealing with a torn pancreas and liver I have learned a lot about detoxing the body. I mean I am still going through a lot of treatment as we speak, but I know that I will get over this for sure. But great post once again and take care and may God be with you always…

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          • onewiththespirit says:

            Well dealing with cancer is a serious thing and what I’m going through is a lot but staying strong is the hardest thing when you get to a point of your life you realize that your not strong like you think you are in the sense of thinking your going to live forever. And to me knowing your going to die makes me live stronger in a way to making sure I live my days even fuller then before. So I don’t know if I make any sense but I’m scared but I have hope as well…

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          • Puzzles of the Soul says:

            I am sending you healing and hope you can feel or see it the white light beaming on you.

            We all make our choices and I know I could not have opted for the hospital treatments. I would not be able to tolerate the chemicals.

            What I would do is focus on building the immune system to fight it. I just remembered I used to take 1000 mg Vitamin C effervescent tablets good for colds too. I would eat a good diet include red capsicum peppers high in vitamin C, Oranges and lemons. Keep away from sugar and junk food.

            As it is your last treatment it feels like the final stage or last hope. There is much more you can do for yourself after this. By taking natural remedies, you have strength so giving up is not an option. Perhaps it is the last the Drs can do. Remember you can do much more and you are connected to the spiritual realms so call on them to help and guide you too. You are dealing with a virulent virus.

            It has made you live a better life and not be lazy. This has forced you to change for the better. You have taken a positive stance on your life and who you are. You could have just thrown the towel in like so many and given up.

            Natural Medicine and Healing I am used to been doing this for over 30 years. Healing this virus is new and I tried to ignore it for a year hoping it would go away along with other problems.

            I refuse medical treatment so I must have strong faith in God and the guidance I receive to heal myself.

            Faith in God is important.

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          • onewiththespirit says:

            God is the key to everything and I been in the spiritual realm for my whole life. But I know one thing is I’m going to get better and I’m going to be doing good things yet in this world and I’m a healthy eater I eat a lot of greens veggies and no sugar at all. But I do eat a lot of fruit and that has a lot of natural sugars in it. But I wanted to tell you that there are miracles I need to see yet so I will not be giving up anytime soon. I promise you that okay??

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          • Puzzles of the Soul says:

            Orange coloured as in carrots, butternut squash see my post on diet. Perhaps lemon, pineapple, eggs are more suited for you. You can visualise very well. Ask to be shown what you should be eating. Then it will work for you. Learn to use your natural gifts more to help you heal.

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          • onewiththespirit says:

            Well, I wanted to share you with you that my sugar levels in my body are very low like at 45 and they should be at 110 normally, so that is a problem with the pancreas as well. And my salt levels are really low as well. I am not a big guy by no means but during this whole battle I lost 67 pounds and I am 6 foot and 2 inches tall, and I should be at 220 at an average weight and I am at 155 pounds at this time. To me that is a little thin for me, I want to be at a healthy weight and to me that would be at 175. But I wanted to say thank you for all your help and I wanted to let you know that I am going to be good no matter what happens in the end…

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