Healing “The Virus” Diet

Orange vegetable

Collection of Orange Fruit and Vegetables

Please note my posts are aimed at both men and women, cancer does not have favourites.  If I can help another person on their journey I will be so grateful.

This post is not advocating what you should eat we all make our choices for various reasons.  Moderation in all things is advisable.

Quite a few years ago I had problems with my Thyroid as do so many people these days.  I found in an Herbal Encyclopaedia  the following vegetables aggravated the Thyroid Gland and should avoid eating them:

Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Brocoli, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Kale, Spinach, Turnips.

Others foods to avoid for cancer are:

Soya and mushrooms are a fungus and cancer likes to help it spread.  Sugar creates a fungus in the body which feeds cancer too.

Artificial Sweeteners, Colours, Flavour Enhancers, MSG Monosodium Glutamate, Chemical in Foods all of these feed cancer.

You must starve it to weaken it and boost your immune system to beat it up and clear it out of your body.  It is no longer welcome.  It is a choice of who is going to win you or cancer!

This brings me to Colour Therapy and I am a great believer in this.  The Colours we wear say so much about us the state of our health, emotions and mentality.  There are many colours which should not be combined as they attract a great deal of  negativity such as Black, Brown, Navy Blue, Grey and Beige they often highlight a very negative person.

Green is a colour which promotes growth.  Growth of plants and physical growth.  Green when worn with cancer has a negative influence on our bodies as it encourages the cancer cells to grow, therefore, greens are not healthy to eat if you have cancer.  Many people will not like my opinion on this, no matter.

With the exception of Cucumber. Cucumber works in the body like Spirulina it helps release stubborn/stagnating issues in the body.  It is essential to eat this when healing cancer within your body because cancer usually is deep-rooted attached to long-term hurts or infections.

What Colour is good for healing cancer?

You must have colours which boost the immune system and the best one to wear is Orange, followed by White, Yellow, Pink, Red and Blue. If the colours do not appeal to you then place the colour in the accessories of your home something to focus on.

yellow,orange, pink

Taking this into account the food you eat must also be the following colours Orange, Yellow, White and Red.


I’ll have my Coffee with Honey

Liver needs Coffee.  I drink Coffee with half tspn of honey and have been doing so for about two months.

Remember Honey is one of the most important ingredients for healing cancer as it allows the nutrients from spices and food to gain access to the White Blood Cells which boost the Immune System then in turn fight the cancer cells.

spice colours

Should you eat meat?

This again is a personal preference and you will need a high protein diet.  Personally, I must eat meat as I find pulses unsatisfying.

I have to change my diet?

Yes, of course if you wish to heal yourself and after all what is more important you or eating some food which basically is killing you.  I do long for sweet things but it has to be NO.

You have to become proactive do research on the internet.  Learn for yourself the vitamins and minerals each vegetable and fruit contain.

This is all part of taking control of your own life and becoming autonomous.  Be responsible for your health, healing and knowledgeable about your environment, the products you put on your skin ensure they are chemical free.  The food you buy is the best you can afford to keep yourself healthy.

If you cut out the junk food NOW how much more money do you have to spend on good healthy food to boost your immune system.  Think about it!

Money well spent on you or crap??


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