Healing the “Virus” Four Days More


I love Natural Healing it is the main part of my life.  As with most things I always place other people’s issues and life before my own.  This time I am having to put myself first and it means saying NO to certain people in my life who do not take this self-healing seriously and expect me to jump through hoops to meet their demands.

Let it Go

Letting go of these issues has allowed me to have special time for myself. I do not find it easy to be interested in myself either as writing about my self-healing should be exciting full of adventure.  New lessons, new ideas, new methodology keeping it simple and affordable.

I now allow myself that is my body and spiritual bodies to heal through the guidance of my soul in connection to God.  I have given myself permission to give love and attention to me, very overdue without fighting against giving in to help others.

The reason as to why the Therapeutic Drink I created is working so well, is due to the fact I have refused to take pharmaceutical drugs for over thirty years now.  This means my physical body is free of blocks created by the drugs also my spiritual bodies are clear of the negative energy the pharmaceutic drugs produce and sit in the aura.  What I do have are the emotional blocks both imposed and suppressed in myself.  The limitations forced upon me by others – oppression and self-imposed limitations within myself, which I created to survive other people.  These are what I call issues and they create energetic scars which have to be cleared.  There are illnesses which may have not healed up fully such as the flash-back I had this morning of when I was 16 sailing to UK there were some bad viruses which infected the swimming pool and  I developed pneumonia and it was the first time in my life to be given antibiotics. This was a very stressful time for me having to have antibiotic injections in those days the injection was large. I screamed and screamed with the thought and the actual pain of being injected in my bottom.  I was a very healthy child growing up in Australia never went to the doctor.  The pneumonia was the beginning of my health deterioration.

My Therapeutic Drink is working on many levels it is clearing out stagnant negativity which has deeply rooted itself within my whole being.  I am trying to show how Natural  Healing works.  Natural Healing is unlike medication which works on the result of illness.  Natural Healing works on the entire body and gets to the root cause.   My Therapeutic Drink has cut through a great deal of negativity which has been hiding away within my whole being.  I can feel the shift inside me from head to toe.

13-01-18 to 14-01-18

These two days were the same I found it very difficult to rest due to my Therapeutic Drink I could feel it flowing through my body to various areas.  It was upsetting the status quo within my body and any negative energy was being made to feel uncomfortable and I felt agitated sleeping very little.

No pain anywhere.

I kept to the usual Therapeutic Drink morning and night and Poultice at night.


I had to go shopping for food to keep the immune levels up. It was exhausting I could have done not to have gone. On return and lunch I slept a few hours and felt much better.

I ached all over it was too stressful but had to be done.

I kept to the usual Therapeutic Drink morning and night and Poultice at night.


Slept virtually all day exhausted. Prepared immune system building meals.

I had many emotions bubble up into my thoughts analysing personal hurts accepting them and my part in them.

I had a slight sword pain in my back and mild pain in breast.

I kept to the usual Therapeutic Drink morning and night and Poultice at night.


I managed to do a few extra chores in the morning around the home. Though very tired afterwards and spent the day resting or Natural Healing sleep.

I noticed the structural and muscular pain I had from a bad fall a few months ago has healed up since taking the Therapeutic Drink and giving time to Self-Healing.

I feel much cleaner and clearer. My psychic gifts have enhanced.

A slight body odour still remains but not as strong as the second day.

The lump is continually decreasing in size sometimes changing shape and keeping soft, this is important.

I kept to the usual Therapeutic Drink morning and night and Poultice at night.

How long does it take for Natural Healing to work?

Natural Healing can be quick or a long process as our lives are very intricate and delicate.  Issues can only be released when we are ready to accept them.  The Soul chooses the issues to be healed and it is between ourselves and God to resolve these.  No need to share anything with another or a therapist not their business.

Physical or structural Natural Healing can be very quick but it is dependent on the care taken by the patient.

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