9-01-18 Day One

I created the following poultice as I had no other ingredients.

A few dried Bay leaves chopped in a blender.

I placed the chooped leaves in a mortar and just covered it with some boiling water to soften. Before applying the poultice add about a tspn of flour to bind it.

Dampen a small piece of cloth I used a piece of old towel with hot water.

Spread the Bay Leaf mixture on to half the small piece of towel. Fold the towel over the poultice mix.  I then secured the poultice with a scarf like a bandage ensuring it remains in place on the breast.

10-01-18 Day Two

I had bought extra ingredients to add to the poultice and also increasing the potency with the herbs.

I used a few chopped Bay Leaves and 1 tsp of dried Rosemary.

I repeat the method from Day One.

11-01-18 Day Three

To increase the strength of the poultice I added Turmeric and Black Pepper.  Note Turmeric stains and is difficult to remove.

A few chopped Bay Leaves, 1 tspn of dried Rosemary, 1/2 tspn Turmeric, 1/4 tspn Black Pepper

Repeat the method from Day One.

I will continue with the poultice from Day Three as the addition of Turmeric and Black Pepper intensifies the potency of the poultice.  Black Pepper added to any herbal mix activates the herbs and spices to their full potential and intensifies the efficacy of all the herbs and spices.

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