Healing “The Virus” First Four Days

Day One 9-01-18

I had been having strong pain in the lump in my breast for a few days and on this day it was continuous.  The lump was about an inch or 3 cm in diameter not visible but was hard to the touch.  I was strongly guided to do something NOW and God desired me to journal the progress of the self-healing.

I believe in starting now when making changes or doing healing. I did some research on Herbs and Spices to see which were the most effective.  My normal way of choosing anything is to go and look at the produce but due to feeling very unwell from the virus and also had a cold with an annoying cough.  I looked through my herbalism books and websites to see which herbs and spices I was drawn to. I have used herbs and spices many times in the past in self-healing.

This day I was getting the thoughts to use Bay Leaf and this was not on any website.  Though I looked in my herbal encyclopaedia and read about Bay Leaf or Laurel as it also known.  I saw within the uses it was good to be used as a poultice when treating cancer.  I went to refer to the herbalism book to check on a probable method and there was nothing written about it at all.  God works in mysterious ways and He must have put the words in for me to read. This was not the only instance during my research.

My first day I made a Bay Leaf poultice to be used topically on the lump.


(See the Poultices and Methods click the link)

Day Two 10-01-18

In the morning I woke up, removed the poultice found the mix was solid it had cooked with my body heat.


There was a small reduction of about 2mm in the diameter of the lump and it was now soft to the touch and less painful.

Healing often brings pain.  I had a pain at the back of  my left-hand side of my head, not a headache a pain completely down the left side of the head.  I have never experienced pain or headache before on this side of the head.  I also had a sharp pain in my right shoulder-blade like a sword being stuck in my back.  This pain was in line with the lump so the two are connected.

I have found with healing and especially dealing with negative energies or entities they do not wish to leave their host. The negative energy/entity will move to another part of the body one which will give more pain like the head.  I tolerate the pain knowing it is on its way out.

On Day Two I went to Aswan and my usual herbalist.  I had been getting thoughts to buy Ginger for sometime but ignored it.

What did I buy?

Ginger, Rosemary, Date Honey, and Molasses.

I already had Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Honey.

Why Date Honey and Molasses?

This was the other time when I read a website and returned to it to recheck about Honey and Molasses it was no longer there.

Manuka Honey is a dark honey and reputed to be very good in the treatment of cancer but it is extremely expensive and more so where I live in Aswan. You do not have to buy Manuka Honey it is possible to use any honey.

Photos of Date Honey, Molasses and Clover Honey

I was getting the thoughts to buy Date Honey it is a new product in the Herbal shop and is a very dark and delicious tasting honey.

Honey and the darker the better is vital in the treatment of cancer or the virus as I call it.  Ony honey helps the body to assimilate the vitamins, enzymes required to boost the White Blood Cells the body’s immune system to fight the virus.  Honey deceives the virus into allowing it to make access for the immune system boosters to feed the White Blood Cells.

Molasses also is effective in gaining access to the White Blood Cells so they can receive their immune system boost.

Cancer needs sugar to feed on this is why honey is the most important ingredient in the treatment of the virus and probably the reason why governments want to kill off the bees.

Cancer also needs soya, artificial flavouring, artificial sweetener, flavour enhancers, MSG monosodium glutamate, artificial food colourings, chemicals such as deodorants, perfumes, body sprays and so on. Cancer has a real feast on these products making it more virulent.

Now I have all I need to make the natural remedies and bought some strawberries, apples and bananas.

Time to get creative – I just love this.

Nanette’s Immune Booster


Photo of Ginger, Cinnamon. Black Pepper and Turmeric

I channeled the recipe and method.

1 tspn Ginger, 1/2 tspn Cinnamon, 1/4 tspn Turmeric, 1/8 tspn Black Pepper, 1 tspn Date Honey and Molasses.

Mix ingredients into a paste then add enough boiled water to make half a cup.

Why half a cup?  It is very strong believe me and also very warming.

Use a fine sieve and strain the mix.  Take this remedy morning and evening 30 minutes before meals.

Quickly after the first Immune Booster Drink almost immediately I could feel the energy from the drink flowing into my breasts, abdomen and head.  I became more energised though this did not last too long. The function of the remedy is to boost the immune system.

After drinking the Immune Booster I had strong pains in my lower abdomen.  A shift of negative energy from my head down to my lower abdomen.

One of the unpleasant effects of detoxing and healing is gas or flatulence.  This is a good sign as it evidence of the negativity shifting and leaving the body.  The stronger the odour the stronger the negativity.

If you are not detoxing or healing strong smells are an indication of allergies to food.

Day Two Poultice


Photo of Bay Leaves and Rosemary

I used a few dried Bay Leaves crushed and 1 tspn Dried Rosemary the method is the same as Day One.

On this day I felt very unwell all day even though there had been some improvement with the size of the lump.  My annoying cough and shifting negativity causing irritability.

Perspired a lot in sleep this is one of the ways the body detoxes through perspiration.

Day Three 11-01-18

I woke early in the morning and removed the poultice once again it was solid cooked from the heat from my body.

The pain from lower abdomen and in my shoulder-blade all gone.

Pain this time on the righthand side of my head, shifting negativity.

Very little pain in lump and still reducing in size and soft to touch.

I had more energy this day and was able to go out.

I had Nanette’s Immune System Drink in the morning and evening.

Day Three Poultice

Chopped dried Bay Leaves, tspn Dried Rosemary, 1/4 tspn Turmeric Powder, 1/8 tspn Black Pepper.

Method is the same as Day One.

I will continue to use this topical Poultice until the lump has disappeared.

Day Four 12-01-18

Woke up early morning and removed poultice again it was solid from the heat of my body.  I had perspired a lot during the night.

I had frequent visits to pass water during the night this is not normal for me.

I checked the lump it had reduced considerably in size and still soft.

I notice a strong odour, haha it was me the toxins had passed through my skin when perspiring during my sleep and smelled really bad. Also my urine had the same smell as my skin. So I was rather stinky to say the least.  The Immune System Booster Drink was working.

My stomach cleansed itself.  There is a difference between upset stomach and the stomach cleansing.  When you are cleansing you do not feel sick but the bowel motions are loose and only until the stomach has cleaned itself.  Otherwise it will go back to normal for the rest of the day.

All these detoxing signs are good to me.  Giving me confidence in what I am doing.

The entire back of my head was in pain when I woke.  OK no problem the negativity just getting tough.  Remember this virus is very virulent.  The pain in my right shoulder-blade had returned just slightly and another knife pain in the kidneys.

No pain at all today in the lump.

Continued twice daily Immune System Booster.

I had a long nap  in the afternoon to allow my body and spiritual bodies heal. This is vital to do this and before sleeping to draw the Divine Healing or God Light into my entire being. This was followed by a massage from my cat, she spends about fifteen minutes massaging me before I sleep.

Day Four Poultice 

The same as Day Three and method of Day one.

I am writing details of my experience and what happens during healing to help others understand what they will feel or may experience.

Result After four days of treatment using my methods.  The lump has reduced by one centimeter and remains soft with no pains anywhere.

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