Heal “The Virus”


I am starting to journal about my self-healing process to heal the lump in my breast.  I found a small lump early last year and began to do some healing work on it.  As usual life gets in the way and my focus is taken away from the most important issue in my life to those of less importance.  If you do not have good health you have nothing.

Cancer is an ugly word and really nobody has been able to define the source or a cure for it. The virus is different in each person with no two people experiencing the same symptoms. The medical profession like to lump or group everyone together with a few different categories to keep people happy in being able to say it is different. Each one is different!  Though a few people have managed to retrieve their lives using alternative remedies after having hospital treatments.

I will no longer refer to it as cancer but a “Virus” as this is the true nature of it.  A very virulent virus. I prefer to avoid labeling anything as this affirms the issue into your entire being.  It is so easy to deal with a virus of no name.

I have been asked by God to journal my guided choices of natural remedies and the progress and effects I experience in healing this virus.

I have no anger about the lump it is something I have created within me, therefore, I have the answers to heal it.

There will be issues from my life connecting to this virus which I must face, accept, cleanse and release.

I know I have to set aside time to rest allowing my physical body to rest and heal.

Remember the Soul remains clean and pure as it was from the time of creation.

My Soul is integral to my healing as are my two cats who assist with healing and massage.  My Soul’s connection to God has a constant link for guidance and my cats, well, they supervise me ensuring I do not over tire myself and give direct healing to me. Unlike other healers my cats carry no negative baggage to pass on to me during healing sessions.

As usual I look after myself.  I have none to help me, some of it my own choosing and reasoning. Therefore, it is my choice.  I feel energies quickly and strongly from others.  I like to keep my home energies balanced so I feel safe and secure knowing as soon as I enter my home peace, God’s love and healing surround me.

MOST IMPORTANT is Divine Healing from God this has to be daily. I draw God’s Divine Love and Healing to fill my property every morning, I do this virus or no virus it is part of my daily practice along with prayers. Being committed to God is vital to be able to do Natural Healing.

Is Natural Healing painful? 

It can be very painful as the body repairs itself.

Natural Healing triggers the body’s own mechanism to heal itself aided with Divine Healing Energy.  I will be writing about my personal experiences during my self-healing journey.

Everything I do has to be simple and affordable this is the only way.  Facing a virulent virus is more than enough to deal with. Having to spend large amounts of money on placebos and expensive alternative treatments is unacceptable.

I find it amazing so many people only believe “it has to be expensive” before it will work.

The other I find disconcerting is the fact I live in Egypt, therefore anything I do must be of no value.  Strange.  If you really must know, I am Australian who currently lives in Egypt.  I found moving from the UK where the climate was too wet  to an arid climate very conducive to healing, Arthritis, Allergenic Asthma and ME. I have a great supply of good quality seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and other natural products which I will use in the healing of the virus. You see there was method in my madness in coming here.

I live in a very peaceful and clean village.  Quiet aids healing especially shredded emotions.

I hope you will follow my journey on healing this virus, as it is my intention to teach others how to heal themselves and feel confident within themselves.

The first step to self-healing and working with your soul is the hardest.  It is a step into the unknown and trusting your own abilities. Taking responsibility for yourself and health.


19 thoughts on “Heal “The Virus”

    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Hi, you have to forgive the people who have hurt you for yourself. To allow you to become free of them. If you are feeling too much pain with issues and events perhaps you are not ready to face them. You should not force yourself to heal something you are not strong enough to let go. Be guided by your soul or God on what to heal, accept and release. Try this prayer for Forgiveness: https://puzzlesofthesoul.wordpress.com/accepting-and-releasing-issues/prayers/forgiveness/

      I have been where you are and at times I could only partly forgive it is very hard when someone has cause trauma and pain in your life. Forgiving someone releases you from them. They still have to face the judgments against them for all the harm they have caused it does not release them from this. You have to be free of them to move on. Blessing to you.


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