Time a Societal Creation


There is no such thing as time.  We only have now, this moment.  There is no past as we are unable to touch or reach it and soon it becomes a faded memory.  Too many live for the future something yet to come or they place their happiness on achieving their futuristic goal which is really unpredictable.

There are constraints placed upon us by society and religion in which our expectations are too high.  A false state of being happy.  Many people reach these points in time only to be surely disappointed.  The so-called family gatherings in love rarely exist often led to unfinished arguments from years gone by.

A few lucky families do enjoy their gatherings because all have an understanding of what love and family are and they are blessed.

More and more people are spending these times alone.  They feel they are being excluded for these hyped-up society events in time. A time which has no existence. I used to get caught up with these feelings until I learned I was being protected from the unknown.  Energy plays a large part in my life and I find the lower energies which are projected during these “doing what is expected events” very disturbing.

The greed in consuming food and alcohol to achieve what?  Nothing is achieved except for making yourself sick from being over indulgent and this you will carry with you for the rest of your decreasing life.

I also believe these “doing what is expected events” create depression and isolation as they are just another category or label in which either people belong to or are excluded.  It brings about many questions of self-worth or value.  Stepping out of the cycle or the uncomfort zone to accept being alone on these society created occasions is good.  To rise above the herding masses to be strong enough to face the now alone takes courage.  After all time does not exist there is just now.

Now should be celebrated with goodness and love a continuous state of being.

There is no time like now to make changes. As opportunity to change arises it must be taken now.    Waiting for a mythical society event to happen sometime in a unpredicatable future could be too late.

All to often I have heard “if it is meant for you it will not pass you”.  For sure it will pass you by unless you deal with it now.

Feel blessed you are alone and away from the herding masses.  You are being protected from others and perhaps yourself.  You are able to do precisely as you wish. Make as much or little of your time during these days.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility being given to you.  We only hear the good points if any from others during these times.  “It was great” but in reality for many they are unhappy occasions and nobody will divulge this.

Take the opportunity to reflect upon yourself, some “me” time or just relax and unwind as life in the fast lane is very taxing and toxic.

Many Blessings and Love now and always.

Simply be you, live your life simply.








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