Juddering, Trembling, Uncontrolled Shaking.

When this first started happening to me a few years ago it was a mild twitching.  I felt uneasy about it and refused to read up anything medical on this.  As usual I believed it was something spiritual happening to me.  I have been constantly cleansing and releasing especially deep-seated issues. I just accepted it was something normal I was experiencing even though strange.

The Juddering as I will call them only lasted a short period of time during one night and then no more for perhaps a year.  I believe now it is shedding of negativity and expanding of the inner spiritual energy.

More recently I have experienced severe Juddering in that my whole body is lifting up from the bed like being picked up as a small child and thrown on the bed.  This is what it feels like.  The Juddering now lasts a few days and then nothing. The severity of the Juddering is shedding negativity to open up more to my own inner universe it has been expanding daily for many months now. I have been gifted with this expanse of energy connecting to my Soul.

I spent about one month in excruciating pain in my Soul center the pain was not continuous but recurring many times throughout the day.  My Inner Universe had been restricted by bad magic.  My soul was pushing the pins out of my being and I was in agony whilst this was ongoing.  Once I realised this was happening to me with the help of an acquaintance who looked at a photo of me and said you have a universe within you. This inspired me to write some corrective prayers to end this pain and restriction.  I was able to work on expanding this energy.

I believe many people who are very gifted have this problem especially if they have become stuck in their life and unable to move.  It is like shaking the shackles off and removing the bindings which hold you strongly in place.  Peeling or shaking the deep rooted negativity from every level of your being.



The only symptoms for Juddering is the juddering and dizziness whilst you are balancing your entire being.  The whole body vibrates to a lesser or greater degree to enable your Soul or Inner Universe to expand.  Thus, enhancing and empowering your spiritual gifts.

Unrelated Symptoms

The following are symptoms to do with the spiritual awakening. It is important to be able to differentiate the various symptoms.

Psychic Attack

Itching, crawling feeling like ants or spiders on your skin, overheating of the body and dream invasion/nightmares these are some of the symptoms of Psychic Attack. They require specialised removal of which I am an expert.

Nausea and headaches

Nausea and headaches these originate from cleansing and releasing negativity.

Nausea and headaches I often had this when cleansing my home removing strong negativity brought in by others.


Repulsion of people and their energy this comes about from cleansing and releasing which makes you more sensitive.  Your senses are becoming clear and extremely sensitive with the reaction to sight, smell and taste the vibrations enhance your senses. You begin with noticing the bad energy of people around slowly it turns into repulsion.

Negative Energy and Entities

Flutterings on the body are signs of negative entities are being forced to leave there is no need to worry as it will soon pass.


There is no medication for Juddering or any other spiritual awakening symptoms.  You just have to go through it.  If you take medication it will only prolong the cleansing and releasing.

Therapeutic Herbs and Spices or aromatherapy oils may relieve some of the non-related Juddering symptoms.



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