Ascension – Where are you going?



Ascension this belief has always made me laugh.  The thought of it is hilarious.

Ascension what is it and where are they ascending to?

Ascension is promoted by the New Age Arena. Well they must have something to look forward to.

Let’s just think about it for a moment!

If all the good people are going to disappear into the “heavens” above.  Evaporate basically.

Who will be left to rebuild the Earth and make all the necessary changes to create a harmonious planet?

Evil people???

  1. Evil people like chaos.
  2.  Evil people like war.
  3.  Evil people energize through other’s suffering.
  4.  Evil people need and like toxic environments.

Please tell me how removing all the good from the Earth is going help the Earth rebuild, regenerate, and detox.

Many Lightworkers believe in and follow the Light within the darkness.

Did you know there are two Lights?

One Light for evil and the other for goodness?

It is easy to ascend in evil you just have to keep on being bad and toxic.  The more evil you are the more honours you acclaim and you will rise very quickly among their ranks.

Whereas, to ascend in goodness is far more difficult.  You can only ascend in goodness through self-evolvement that is cleansing, accepting and releasing all impediments collected over lifetimes and this life.

You have to have a good understanding of the difference between good and evil.

Imperative to recognise evil when you see them.  Very few people have the gift of being able to do this.

Sometimes the gift of being able to see evil is overridden by the need for money, and this comes down to lack of faith.

The “Angels” Lightworkers conjure are “Fallen Angels”.  Divine Angels are not channeling  nor do they take Earthly form.  This is done to stroke the ego of mind centered people.  Remember evil is subtle.

As you gaze upon your Angel Cards know you are ascending or being drawn further into the darkness. You will enjoy the illusions of your delusions.

I know this to be a fact, as I was duped before, I had so many packs of you name it Angel Cards and Fairy Cards.  My home was full of demons from focusing on the cards.

Impossible! you say.  I say your ego is so strong you cannot see!

The demons stroke your obedient mind.  Reassuring your negativity flourishes and destroys your truth.  You become subservient to evil in its subtle ways. Many demons surround you with their fake words which disguise their truth.  They utter the words you want to believe to shroud their true identity enabling them to get closer to you before pushing you under to make you become one of them.

STOP NOW! you are stronger than this.  Cast off all guilt and anger harbour none. For you have done nothing and could not have done more.

Block the demons of self-destruction.

Fill yourself with God’s Soul Love and rise above it all.

The Lightworkers pressure us to believe we all have demons.  We do not all have demons within us. The demons which are around good souls have been sent or attached in your aura.

NO good soul has demons or a shadowside this is what evil wants you to believe. The only demons a good soul have are attached to the physical body and the aura. They have been put there by malicious people.  Many of the demons create illness in the body.

NOTE:  Demons cannot harm your soul but they can harm your ego/mind as it is an evil entity.

Bad and evil are the people who have demons inside them. They are demons and not attached to them. It is their being as they are soulless.  Their energy field around them is full of demons.  They are sociopaths, psychopaths and energy vampires or psychic vampires. Incredible these people can appear to be plausible.

They are the ones who have a dark side in fact it is all they have.

Evil likes to play mind games with everyone tarring us all with the same brush so they can hide comfortably among us.

Ascended Masters

Who the heck are they?  Where in the spirit world do they reside?

Again these have been made up to hook the gullible into believing there are these humongous spirits out there caring for everyone.  WRONG.  These beings live on the Astral Plane, therefore, they must be demons.  I have seen many of the drawings of these amazing beings, and you know what I am going to say.  They are demons.

Let’s not forget about throwing the Virgin Mary and Jesus in for a good measure of credibility.  Poor Archangel Michael is always dressed in various styles of lycra to appease and stroke the sick ego mind.   In reality these beings are so large the Angels on the level below cannot see them.  I find it amazing, people on Earth can see them.  Could it be because they are looking from a distance, they become visible.

The other I would like to include is Earth’s Soul or Mother Earth’s Soul how did anyone find out her name.

Why would the Earth’s Soul give her name out to be shared especially to so many people who are intent on harming her.  Wake up time… Laughing all those women calling themselves Gaia.

Honestly, think about it.  Incredible what people will do for money.

Reality Check

Do not just accept what I say.

Think for yourself!

Question everything being presented to you and more so if you are having to pay a lot of money to listen to their talks or believe their nonsense.

Take care, evil is so subtle.

Blessings to you.





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