Two Poppies



Just two poppies for the two men who mattered most to me. My Father and my Uncle.

My Father was based in Egypt during WWII he was a sergeant in the Air Force he worked on the Radar. In those days the Radar was a prototype.

He was based in Alexandria, El Alamein, Luxor and Aswan. My Father never spoke of the days during the WWII because simply there was nothing to say. Like so many he did what was expected of him.

Though after my Father had a stroke 4 days after he retired.  A latent fear came into being everytime he saw a toy gun, he would should “No Guns” “No Guns” this of course came from WWII he would start to cry and though we tried to get him to talk about it.  He refused.

My Uncle who was 4 years younger than my Father was in the Secret Service and at the age of 19 he was dropped into France to work with the Resistence.

My Uncle was a Spy and spoke fluent French and German, he single-handedly blew up a German munitions train after playing football with some German Soldiers. 

Later my Uncle was dropped into Burma and work with the Kachin Tribe.

My Uncle was awarded the Croix de Guerre by President De Gaulle and a Samurai Sword from the Burmese. My Uncle was a very humble man and saw what he did as his job at the time.

These stories were never retold by them but by my very proud Grandmother and Grandfather as the medals and the Samurai Sword were sent to my Grandmother.

I am very proud of them both.


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