Our conversation was the last.

My feelings are numbed. I never thought our conversation was the last. I look every morning for your emails no more will they ever appear.

The shock of your passing, the huge energy which now surrounds me is the brilliance of your Soul, the strength knocked me out for a few days. I miss the contact which I thought was real and yet now we speak more freely as you can see all that has passed before me.

You were the one who understood me without judgement. You and I were so similar in our ways, sharp analysis we both possessed. You now believe in my diagnosis and remedies. You are shocked at seeing my true world. Disgust for our families. I have no more to say about them, I have had enough.

I was so happy to have you at my side and now you support me more than before. Your exit has blasted my entire world with so much soul love and spiritual power.

The one person I loved so much. God Bless you for still being here with me and guiding me. You have taken charge of things for me. I am so grateful for you need not do this. You are free to follow a path of your own choosing and I am blessed you have chosen a path next to mine.

Our Souls will always be connected my dear Uncle and also my Father. You were both men of strength and courage. Proud to have you at my side now and forever. Soul Love to you both.

 White Rose 3


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