The Strong Message

White Rose 1 (2)


I know some of the post I write are quite strong in the messages. They are meant to be. It is to get people to wake-up.
Telling people they are wonderful, good and loved all the time is not going to make changes, because they think everything is perfect when it isn’t. They believe it does not matter what they do they will be saved or already have been saved.
It is a pack of lies. We have to save ourselves. We have to face the truth within ourselves.
Why don’t people want to know the truth about themselves?
Ahh it is painful and self healing is painful believe me.
I have spent many times in excruciating pain when releasing issues either caused by me or inflicted upon me by someone else.
Very few people have the strength to do this and accept themselves, their lives and what others have done.
I write because I love the Good on this Earth with my whole Soul.
You aren’t just a thought, a passing thought, a word.
Your part of me I have to love you as I do myself.
Soul Love is Real.

Simply be you, live your life simply

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