Precious Water

Tap Water



Water in some places is a luxury. Until I came to live in Egypt I had no idea what it was like to have no water.

Yesterday, was the first time in a few days not to have water all day. I was not feeling so good very early in the morning so missed the water when it was on.

If you take a commodity like water for granted it sure brings it home when there is none. At first living in this village we would be without water for many days with perhaps only an hour or so of water at night. My cats as always played an important part in my life for this. They knew when the water was coming on and also when it would go off. They could sense it and would tell me so I could get stocked up with water.

Water is precious everything requires it to live. Keeping it clean is a priority as we have seen the places where the water has become toxic.

I believe everyone should experience not having water for a few days. Perhaps we might appreciate just how precious it is and what our lives would be like without it.

Simply be you live your life simply


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