What is and isn’t toxic!


Who else gets fed-up of the constant barrage of what is and isn’t toxic. Oh I do. As long as your own selfish needs are met and your opinion is forced upon others you are happy. Time to get off your podium.

Majority of the people on the Earth have enough just trying to survive without being made guilty for the choices they make. Majority of people have to make do with what is available to them be it their budget limitations or produce availability.

The most toxic things on the planet are people with their toxic thoughts, words and actions. The effect of this toxic fallout is immense on the Earth and into the universal kingdoms. The hidden agendas so many have is polluted.

People love the false posts about how beautiful they are and how good they are.

What are you doing to change your toxic self to help heal this planet? NOTHING.



Simply be you.  Live your life simply.


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