Bubbling Emotional Issues




Lately I have had many emotional issues bubbling away and requiring to be released.

I recently achieved a long-awaited goal it took five months and a few hours to gain my visa to live another year in Egypt.

What did I learn from this long wait and now it is accomplished?

I have learned again from my Praying Mantis Theory to send out the energy to reality and wait for it to return.

I found it difficult to strike a balance of doing as my Soul guided which was to just sit it out and wait and from being pressurised by others pushing me to visit the National Security Officers to find out what was happening with my application.  All the visits to the National Security Office were a waste of time.  In the end I applied my Soul’s desire and Praying Mantis Theory of having completed the application and filed it. This was the energy sent out, now just wait and in no time at all the authorisation presented itself.

What happened after receiving the long-awaited Visa was odd and this happened a few months ago on resolving another issue. Instead of feeling very happy, relieved and releasing the anguish and stress.  The energy internalized creating exhaustion making me feel very sick and fatigued for a few days.

Why and what is going on?

I was advised by my guardian this is something I taught myself from the age of sixteen to wear an optimistic mask to put a sunny face out to the world to hide my pain and disappointments.  When I did this it internalized the pain, anxiety anguish and hurt.  I was not only internalizing them but they became deep-rooted painful emotions. This had become an automatic behaviour on my part.

Why and how could this happen?

At the age of sixteen was when I was first cursed and evil magic was used against me to bind me in the name of their jealousy, all of this unbeknown to me.  (I have been shown the visions of the people performing the evil rituals to harm me, so I know this to be true.)

The binding with evil magic is cyclical.  This means events will happen again and again. As similar event recur this builds on the already physically pinned emotions.  Some foolish people believe when a problem or issue recurs it means you have not learned the lesson. In my case one experience was enough no need to have it repeated ten or more times.  I think even the least sensitive person would get the idea or understand the lesson.

Now I have broken through all that bound me.  I have the wounds, damage and scars in my life to repair.

How do I do this?

I am walked through or discuss with my guardian and my Soul generates the visual memories to be dealt with.  This is the only way to resolve emotional problems and issues safely.

What do most people do?

Many people go for counselling only to find the emotional pain is made worse. The reason being the mind/ego picks the most painful event in your life and puts it into the arena knowing full well you are not ready to face this or deal with it.  The counsellor then has a field day with it.

You, the client end up sobbing and in great emotional pain for discussing something too personal with a “professional”.

The worst case scenario people do nothing except the memories eat away at them.  The ego has a habit of triggering the memories.

Only your Soul knows the right time for you to deal with your painful emotions without experiencing the pain which caused it.  You can accept the event and release it with full understanding. There will be no repetitions as with a counsellor.  It is an only once action. Done in your time and in the privacy of your home.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of working with your own Soul.

What does working with my own Soul mean for me?

I find it invaluable for my life.

I have to give time to myself to relax, stop and be peaceful.  This allows my Soul to be more empowered for me and at the same time working with the Divine to talk me through what is happening or happened.

I can then resolve my issue or painful event quickly.  It clears up the way to move forward.

What happens if you do not clear your issues?

Your attachments to the past hold you back in life.

There is much more to letting go than wafting a duster through your aura to flick your past away.

Impossible to walk away from all your baggage which you have tied to yourself or perhaps it has been bound to you.  Either way it has to go.

Every issue has to be worked through, resolved, accepted, released and closed.

You see, your luggage will travel everywhere with you.


Learn to work with your Soul and learn to heal yourself.

Simply be you.  Live your life simply.

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