Differentiate Good Vs Evil

Good Vs Evil

How do you differentiate between Good and Evil?

We are seeing more and more instances in our daily lives of bad to horrific actions from people.

Majority of the good people/humans gloss it over as bad Human behaviour, as this is how we have been conditioned all our lives.  It kind of hurts to think someone is actually evil especially if it is family, a spouse or a close friend.

Humans in general are always good this is their true nature it does not mean, however, that they do not make mistakes.  The mistakes usually are harmless with no intent to hurt or injure another person.

Humans have a soul and it is the soul which empowers and guides them in their goodness.

Whereas bad and evil people do not have a soul they have a demon.  Call me crazy if you will.

Think about it!

Analyse it!

How is it possible for a good person/human to commit such heinous crimes against all creation?

Only a person who is ruthless, merciless, cruel, no shame, and a liar is capable of this kind of behaviour.  It just flows right off them. They go about without a single feeling of guilt. They are very clever in hiding their badness and majority of the humans actually help them hide and blend because they just see these demons who live among us as humans who have lost their way.  Truth is they never found it as they were born like this. Energy Vampires, Sociopaths and Psychopaths

As the divide between good and evil is growing many are able to see these people clearly but still in denial of it.  The signs are all on the face on the forehead and especially in the eyes.

You do not have to fear them but be aware of them. Ensuring you do not invite them into your home, eat their food, go visit them or go to their businesses. We have been taught this a long time ago by many religious leaders.  Yet, too many of you refuse to understand it.

Too many leaders are afraid to lose popularity by admitting they exist.  The fear of losing their own power over people.  Though it is clear in the way they live, greed is part of their life, whilst those who follow them all too often live in extreme poverty.

Learn to be aware of bad and evil.  You do not have to take any action against them.

Just be aware and keep your distance.


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