Praying Mantis Theory


I am continuing with the Praying Mantis Theory of taking things slowly.

  1. First of all you have to relax and by that I mean do nothing allowing yourself to find calm within yourself.  Whilst in this mode you may gain an understanding of what you would like to achieve and the initial steps or ideas to start this.
  2. Put the steps or  ideas into action gently send out the energy to support this with prayers and special prayers of accomplishing your ideas. Relax and rest this is important as all too many of us push, will, become anxious, strive to gain an answer or response with mental anguish behind it.  This does not work. It only pushes your desires away and often out of reach.
  3. Allowing the energy to flow back with the action to be taken.  Place the reality action into place.  Let the seeds take root.
  4. Wait a short time for the energy to germinate and to start to flow back to you.  If necessary give a gentle reminder to those you have incorporated with your ideas. Allow the energy to flow to them.  Rest and relax wait for them to respond.
  5. Allow the energy to flow back to you.
  6. You respond to keep the momentum of energy flowing.  Relax and rest keeping ready to quicken the pace when the time is right.
  7. Remove and release unwanted issues and limitations looking to clear yourself of any blockages holding you back on any level.
  8. Relax and take time out.  Be gentle with yourself and allow your ideas in the energetic form become a reality.

I hope this theory will help you many of us are really struggling to create the changes we require to move on in our lives.

If you require a further explanation on how to do this please contact me – via my contact page.


Simply be you.  Live your life simply.



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