Plagarists those who cheat

praying mantis

So many writers are unique and so are their techniques.  I am being impressed to write about this again.

Why are we plagued with plagiarists the thieves and cheats?

We all know which types of people who do this – the coaches be them life, spiritual and business along with the wanna be healers or spiritual teachers.

Does it really hurt to give the credit to the person who had the original thoughts, writing and words? They do not fit into the so called In Crowd.

These people have no substance they are loud, overbearing  hype in their manners  and just pass on to each other the same messages, theories,  and claptrap. The words go round and round ad nauseum.

There are so many unique thinkers and practitioners especially the younger generations arriving on the scene, fresh for these marauding thieves to steal their knowledge.  The palgarist usually put down the newcomers this is their way to maintain their platform.  Using the new knowledge as their own.

Take heed, though it will not even touch the plagiarists’ ruthless, merciless and heartless ways. There are huge Praying Mantis moving in to remove their heads in one bite.

I joke not.


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