Symbolism of critters who cross our path


No water for 2 days and at midnight we have water. Having slept all day. I am busy cleaning, washing clothes and gathering water to store.

Whilst doing all of this when I opened the door to my apartment there was a very large Praying Mantis and like the Mantis I had to act quickly to sweep it up and move it out of reach of my cats. Praying Mantis being a good omen and all that, I would not want my cats to kill it. I passed the doorway again. Low and behold if it is not another Praying Mantis. OK message loud and clear. Time to check old google for the symbolism.

I looked up the meaning of finding a Praying Mantis.

  1. Be still slow down – this I have already begun to regain balance, ah the vertigo.  This is a time I have to really slow down and rest.  Allow myself to heal.
  2. Contemplate carefully next movement – started to do this but must refine methods. Carefully put thoughts together to manifest the next phase and allow them to return.
  3. Move quickly with full understanding of how to proceed and complete current phase and commence the next.

I am not sure about biting someones head off but we shall see .

The purpose of this is we share our wonderful planet with so many insightful others who are sent to help us along our path.  Learning about their symbolic effect on our life is important.  As I saw two Praying Mantis it is an emphasis of the action I had to take.  Imperative that I slowed down and took time to care for myself before anyone or anything else in my life.  I had to be first this time to be able to complete the current phase.

The importance of giving time to healing in order to be able to start a new phase in my life. I would have good health and energy.  As all passion and enthusiasm had left me from my last venture. I had to recoup from this and put a passion into myself and life. From a point of silence and stillness I had to manifest with words and thoughts.

As always my dear cats are constantly at my side looking after me.  Checking in on me to make sure I am all right.

When nature emphasises by presenting themselves to you time and time again take note.



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