Advice for the Discerning



It has been brought to my attention the ever-increasing numbers of people joining groups which practice evil magic on Facebook.

I believe this should be more of a concern than what the Middle East is doing.

Many of the harmful, bad or evil groups have Hundreds of members, some have Thousands and the worst some have Tens of Thousands of people in the group.

Either it is gullible people who believe everything is good and they swallow all the lies given out in these groups.

Or it is so many people who are interested in causing harm to innocent people, the environment and our Earth. This is the greatest worry.

I would say 98% of these groups are harmful, bad and evil.

People believe they are absolved from any harm they do. The truth is their punishment for part-taking in these practices is their being will be dissolved. No future existences for them.

Question everything, check and research the group leaders thoroughly.

Following aimlessly is reckless and foolish.



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