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Many years I have worked as a Natural Healer.  A Natural Healer must undertake self-healing it is important to clear yourself of emotional baggage and illnesses.

There are many forms of Self Healing and the one I have been using the most is releasing deep-rooted emotions collected over the years.  The more you allow your soul to work through these emotional limitations the more you become sensitive.

A couple of days a go I remembered it was many years since I did a full healing on myself  I had a few physical problems which required attention and as usual I just push them on one side.  It was getting to the point I could no longer tolerate the physical pain.

I lay down on my bed relaxed and called upon God to send the God Light to heal me.  I always work top down this is the only way to bring the purest energy down through yourself.

I could feel the God Light stopping and working through problem areas slowly and then further down the body were some major areas and the physical problems were a result of emotional issues.  The issues had taken physical form in my body and oh it was so painful not only working through the physical formation but the emotions which created it.  Many people think healing is painless, sometimes it can be but often when true healing is taking place it is painful.  As usual I ignored the pain, after all I had spent too many years doing this, it was easy.

The God Light flowed slowly down into my legs.  The pain in my legs were due to structural problems caused by moving furniture that was too heavy.  I knew every time I cleaned and moved the extremely heavy furniture I was damaging my legs, knees and lower back.  Usually my cats would transmit healing to these parts and I would be fine.

You know what it is like you can damage yourself once too often.  I had done this because I can be very stubborn at times.

The healing going on my legs as the God Light inched its way down the pain was excruciating still I dismissed the pain as usual and endured it.  The healing on my legs must have been about an hour so the pain took some enduring.  The God Light healing was correcting the structure within my legs, the muscles which had become torn and stressed, ligaments and realigning the skeleton, hips, thigh bones, knee caps and spine.

As I lay there allowing God’s Healing Light to work on me.  One of my cats was confused the one who massages my legs.  I had not done this type of self-healing before and she did not know what was happening except that I just lay there limp, fragile like an extremely ill person and to be honest I was extremely ill.

This type of healing is slow and can be very painful the God Light continued slowly down my legs and feet.  The pain was almost unbearable.

After the healing session had finished that was not the end of the pain.  Healing triggers the body to heal itself too.  The pain in my legs intensified and now I did cry, I did not know which way to lay down, where to put my legs the tears just flowed and so I would remember not to move any heavy furniture ever again by myself.

At the same time the emotions which caused the physical formation in my body started to become visual and replayed many of the conversations which lead up to the emotional pain being buried.  Again the tears flowed with this.  I had cried profusely at the time of this difficult emotional time in my life.  It was so many years ago.  I had not buried it. Impossible to forget such heartache but life has to go on and I just covered it up with a brave face and smiles.  Smiling is something I taught myself as crying got me nowhere.  I had no compassionate people around me to give the kind of support I required at this time.  At work I met about two people who could see the pain in my face behind my friendly and smiley mask.  This shows how many empaths there are in this world. Very few.

The releasing and healing went on for many hours. I hardly slept that night.

I accept God’s healing and His wisdom.  I trust God absolutely with everything I do. Even though I question many things about my life.  God is the ultimate one for me in my self-healing. There are none better than God. There are no Doctors who can heal like God.

The healing continues, as one leg has been very painful all the time.  I know, through being a Natural Healer what is going on.  The repair work still is in progress.

The suppressed emotions have turned into acceptance.  I was always ever hopeful but it is clear now, there is no hope or chance to repair the emotional damaged done.  The only way is to accept it and let it go.  Time to go forward without the unnecessary emotional pain and physical injuries.

I love healing with God to help other people in their life. There is nothing better in life than to give another person hope.


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