Softdrinks – Sodas


I vow every time I drink a soda or soft drink, NO MORE.

Yesterday I believe was my last lesson in this.  I had lunch at KFC and they did not have a drink I liked so I accepted one of the sodas.  The taste was not brilliant.  I kept thinking I hope I am not going to suffer from this later.

Important to connect with your soul!

This is one of the reasons why you should be well-connected to your soul and understand the effects of food and drink you ingest. To recognise toxins and the effects they have on your body and mind.

What happened?

In less than an hour I had a headache.  I walked through the souq to buy lemons, now I really needed them. I was with a friend he insisted I bought some cucumber, I did not want the cucumber but so grateful I had bought it.

During my half hour journey home I began to feel nauseous and burning pains in my chest.

On arriving at home

My body started to ache and felt really unwell.  I made some Turmeric Lemonade. (Recipe below) Turmeric is a purifier and will shift any toxins within the body.

I took a rest, slept for about 6 hours and woke up started to make dinner and clear up the kitchen as I had not any water earlier when I went out in the morning.

I nibbled the cucumber as I made dinner and so grateful to my friend insisting on me buying it.  The cucumber shifted the nausea.

I finished cleaning up and putting washing out.  My cat Jemima started to speak loudly at me.  I understood what she was saying I needed to rest again, she knew what was happening to me.  I lay down and a short while it all started, the cramps, in my toes, feet, and legs.  Headache and toothache. My joints began to ache in my body. Jemima sat at my side watching me and being a comfort and support.

 All of this because of drinking the soda or soft drink. How can this be?


The sodas are full of chemicals, artificial flavouring and sweeteners what else would you expect.  This is the reaction the body takes on receiving such poisons.

Many of you would be running to the doctor thinking you had an alarming illness or life threaten disease, but not me I knew what was causing all of this trauma in my body.

I knew precisely what was wrong and it was my fault I drank the soda.

People who drink lots of sodas and junk food can expect to get cancer. Your body cannot tolerate this kind of punishment.  You experience all sorts of pains and nausea and because you have no idea how your body reacts to any of the foods you ingest.  You do not understand the cause and the effects.

Oh you can eat the best diets, so you think but if you so much as have one soda like did you will suffer or junk food or even bad combinations of food.

Your body will kick-off like mine did. In order to make me understand.  I should know better and I know the outcome.

This is the worst reaction I have had from drinking a soda.  I only have a Cola once a month.  Though I feel nauseous afterwards, in actual fact my body cannot tolerate any of these poisons.

What can you do to remove the toxins naturally?

You must drink plenty of fluids especially water.  More recently though I have been taking Turmeric the powder form.  I make Turmeric Rice or Pasta every day to cleanse my body from toxins and purify it.  Loosing weight, those toxins.

I make Turmeric Lemonade this is so refreshing and cooling as I live in a hot climate here in Egypt.  This is not an Egyptian recipe, it one I found by accident on the internet, it is my version.

The recipe for Turmeric Lemonade

Take a blender and add about 600 ml of cooled water.

Two lemons cut into quarters (small lemons) as below.


Half teaspoon Turmeric

Eighth teaspoon of Black Pepper (Black pepper enhances the healing potency of Turmeric)

3 teaspoons of Honey

Blend and strain pouring into a jug.  Add ice to chill it or just place in refrigerator.

I find when I have made the Turmeric Lemonade I have to drink and drink it.

I use Turmeric of course from Aswan, Egypt,  it is I would say the best.  Flavoursome and keeps a good flavour for a long time.  I found other Turmeric to be tasteless.

You can just drink Lemon Juice excellent to clear up many ailments.

Take a lemon and cut it into pieces and blend it with some water adding honey.  Strain it into a jug and chill.

Learning to connect properly with your Soul is very important for everything in your life.  So many say they know how to work with the soul yet very few do.


Simply be you.  Live your life simply.






2 thoughts on “Softdrinks – Sodas

  1. Puzzles of the Soul says:

    I am feeling better. I am extremely sensitive to food stuffs and should have known better. I thought I would write the reaction to drinking a soda so it may help people understand their own experienced. Turmeric Lemonade is great. Blessings to you


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