My Two Treasures


I bless the day my two kitties Tabitha and Jemima came into my life. They have played an important part in my healing.

They give an abundance of soul love without question and always in tune with me.

I hurt my back riding on a Tuktuk going to work.  The driver was reckless to say the least as I bounced over every pothole and rock on the road.  I was in pain when I arrived, as usual I just shrugged it off.  The pain passed.

A week later as I was standing up from my chair my back went again.  I managed to heal it enough to be able to get about and do things.

This week I hurt my back mopping the floor.  Anything else whilst we are at it.  The pain was real.  I stopped cleaning, impossible to go on.

In the evening when I went to bed Jemima curled up against my lower back, the pain was bad. Jemima did not move all night, bless her and in the morning all the pain and stiffness had gone.  I am taking care of myself.

Because I have had healing and feeling good does not mean I should go and strain myself again.  Care is required as the strains have been healed and it takes time to settle and be strong.

Tabitha my other blessing massages my legs, knees, stomach nearly every day.  Tabitha used to massage me before I slept and immediately I would fall asleep soundly and deeply.  This was during a time of extreme stress and I found it difficult to settle.

I have found cats to be more naturally gifted in healing.  They do this through God’s Guidance.  They have received no training.  Natural Healing.

The back especially the spine needs care.  Though it is strong and durable the spine can easily be hurt.

Keeping the faith in God as always and God’s healing only.

Simply be you, Live your life simply.



3 thoughts on “My Two Treasures

  1. Cari says:

    “I have found cats to be more naturally gifted in healing.  They do this through God’s Guidance.  They have received no training.  Natural Healing.”
    – that’s precisely why they are created, I believe. Simple things and beings such as pets, usually bring us the greatest joys and few realise that…

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