Evil uses Spiritual Protection


It really makes me laugh. Evil people use spiritual protection.


They are protecting themselves from their own kind of people. It is very misleading when doing “spiritual” work with someone who is evil and they advocate protection. They use wards, shields, and demons to protect themselves. They call the demons “spiritual guides”. This is why I do not advocate working with guides. Only work with your Soul.  Also you should always refuse to accept spiritual guides from anyone.  You do not know their reasons for attaching them to you and I can guarantee their reasons will not be good.

People here hang bits of cloth outside their homes. They are jokes, as they are all know for their very evil acts against people. I have seen a green cloth on one house, a blue cloth on another and one has what looks like goats feet hung on the door or similar kind of animal. Eweee  They do this to try and camouflage their badness to show other people they are being attacked by someone else.  They need this false protection.

I am grateful they are advertising themselves so well.

Then you go to extremes where leaders have armies to protect them and so on.

Remember evil exists in all things not just the country’s leaders.
The Light within the Darkness is evil. God Light is pure Light no more.

God is the only one who protects.  Stand strong in God and you will be protected against evil.


3 thoughts on “Evil uses Spiritual Protection

  1. Cari says:

    Evil people use spiritual protection..
    Because they are natural deceivers. They clothe themselves excellently in sheep’s clothing…
    Funny, indeed. I like your concept; it’s a brilliant idea.

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