Powerful Are You?



Powerful are You?  

People are so egotistical they believe they are powerful.  This kind of power comes from the mind and from connecting to evil entities.  They are so full of themselves.

They go around saying

” I am powerful and I can make you powerful just like me.”  

Who does not want to be powerful?  Oh so tempting isn’t it!

This comes at a huge price you can end up losing your soul.

Where does real power come from?

The real power comes from your Soul connecting to God and the Divine.

When you are stood within the power of God and it flows through you this is the only power.

The other kind of power which is from the Lord of Darkness causes all the problems in the world those who follow the darkness these people believe they have a right to control others, to lead others and create wars.

Did Jesus lead?  

Jesus walked along side everyone as an equal and guided them on how to correct their lives and connect more with God.

Jesus taught us the importance of prayer and asking God to help us, as God is where the power comes from.

None is more omnipotent, exalted or magnificent than God.  God is the only power!


simply be you live your life simply


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