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Soul Love


Healing Journey is governed by your Soul.

When you are a Soul Centered person and you understand how to work with the Soul properly,  you will find the Soul is more than intuition it is completely you as God created.

It is your Soul which urges you to heal, cleanse, accept what has happened in this lifetime and sometimes previous lives.  Past lives can include the damage you have inherited from current family past generations.  

Your Soul does not like the excess baggage you carry around with you it has to go and only your Soul knows when you in your present state is capable of healing certain pain, trauma and suffering.  You will be ready to review the events and limitations in your life.  If you are not ready or in a good place to review somethings that have happened in your life it will be very traumatic and in fact creates more damage to be healed.

Your Soul does not require healing –

You store pain in different parts of your physical body and this eventually creates illness or becomes unbalanced.  

You also store trauma and upsets in your spiritual bodies that is within the aura which connect to your Spiritual Centers. 

The Soul will urge you when ready to cleanse yourself on every level.

Your mind has collected the excess baggage as it enjoys to taunt and create confusion repeatedly going over the painful situations perpetuating your trauma and makes you repeat similar scenarios in your life.  

The mind will recreate illness you believed had been cured.

Your Soul likes to heal through natural means be it prayer, self healing methodologies, listening to the advice or visual guidance your soul gives to aid finding the truth and peeling off layers which have kept you bound in limitations.

The Soul likes you to rest or take naps to heal this is important and the soul does not like meditation.  Meditation is for the mind.  Meditation is harmful for the soul and body as it allows the mind to bind or trap you into a state of confusion.

My courses are more than listening to your intuition they are about connecting and working with the soul properly.  There are many aspects to your soul and once you understand and learn the basics you will be able to continue in your unique way to progress on your life path to work.  

Working with your soul is imperative for your own guidance, accessing your knowledge and protection.

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