Did Jesus really die on the cross for us?


My analysis of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Did Jesus die on the cross to save us?


Why did Jesus die on the cross?

Jesus died or was crucified because the people, his followers, those he spent time teaching and talking about God’s word, those he healed, others he helped – chose evil over him.  They chose Barabbas to live and Jesus to die.  Jesus had no choice in the matter.  Jesus was betrayed.

Pontius Pilate was afraid of Jesus’ growing power over the people as the numbers were increasing daily.  Jesus was unafraid of the evil in power,  their regimes and it would not be long before the people who followed Jesus would become strong and defiant.  They would force the changes.

Pontius Pilate was a Roman he had come from one of the centers of evil at that time.

Pontius Pilate knew well how to manipulate the people into obeying the evil ways.  He knew if he gave the choice to the people of whom to crucify Jesus or Barabbas.  They would choose Barabbas in fear of Pilate they had been conditioned to always choose evil.  So they did.

Jesus had not decided to die to save the people at all, he was betrayed by those who just tagged along, the users, the liars and untrustworthy.  Even those closest to Jesus betrayed and denied knowing him.

How do you think Jesus felt?  After all he had feelings too.

“Father forgive them for the do now know what they do.”  This is right the people had a choice to choose Jesus which would have set the world free with his teachings or condemn him to death and stop the change Jesus came to bring and put in place on this Earth.  The people chose to END the change to set them free.

So we now suffer because of these ignorant people.  People are still choosing evil over good because everyone does as they are dictated to.  People are afraid of evil.  It does not mean we have to go to war with those in power.  We have to refuse to support them.  It has taken generations to make a stand to bring about changes.  The Native American Indians are doing this now.  See the difficulties they are facing.  In Jesus’ time it would have been so easy to make the changes.  Now not so as evil has built up its weaponry and we are dependent on the good souls within these forces to step down and be compassionate.  These forces are fueled by evil entities as it takes a certain type of person to be able to harm innocent, peaceful people.

The most ridiculous outcome from all of this is Christianity it was founded by Peter someone who denied Jesus not once but three times and Paul who hates women.  I really do not understand people in supporting weak leaders and evil at that.  They rode on Jesus’ glory and teachings. Jesus loved everyone women included.  It was women such as Blessed Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene, and Sarah his sister who were unafraid as they were at Jesus’ side constantly at the crucifixion.  It was they who entered the tomb to find Jesus had risen.  They were strong visionaries and I should imagine Peter and Paul were afraid of the women as they would gain the following of the people. The women certainly did gain a following but Peter and Paul brought rules into Christianity to stop all women.  Now on Earth women are the largest number of supporters for Jesus.

The fact people believe Jesus died to save us has given many an excuse to do whatever they want as “someone else” had already suffered and died for them.

Was this beginning of absconding from accepting responsibility for our actions?

Was this the beginning of being able to give the blame to another person to bear?

I believe this is true, as the teaching from God are about accepting responsibility for your own actions and choices.  Make the wrong decision and chose to be against God and what is good. You will be the one to die not Jesus.  Jesus is not your scapegoat.

Jesus was and still is our saviour if we connect to Him through God.

As Jesus taught us it is ingrained in our souls.  You have to practice Soul Love, Compassion, Understanding, Tolerance toward all God’s people on Earth.

Jesus has no rules he allowed people the freedom of choice to maintain their own sovereignty.   Yet those who created Christianity applied so many rule to the followers.

We do not hear stories of Jesus handing out a sheet or a book of rules to those who followed him dictating the Do’s and Don’ts.  People were answerable to themselves and God.

Those of us who are here to make changes are cleansing reviewing our wrongs, accepting and releasing them.  The change-makers are being responsible for their own lives . They are not putting it all on Jesus to right everything because they know they have to see their own truth to be able to work honestly with God.

You do not have to cleanse or release anything but you will also be unachieved and of little use in the way of changes as you have not learned the truth about yourself first.


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