Our Timeline or Life Path


Our spiritual Timeline or Life Path is unique to each Soul.

Our timeline varies from person to person from the time our Soul was created by God thus brings about the varying ages of the Soul and evolvement or the development of the Soul and this too will be different for each soul.  (Remember only Good have souls)

Then we have a parallel Timeline which is like an offshoot from our Core Timeline.  We have a Timeline or a set of phases to complete whilst we are on Earth. This timeline has junctions, crossroads or choices we can follow to achieve certain issues or to gain further experiences and knowledge.  Regardless of our choice we still have to complete the tasks within each phase before we can move onto the next phase.  This is why it is important to be connected to our soul and work with God in this way.  In doing this we will make the correct choices  be it releasing or learning new skills.

When things go horribly wrong in our life it is usually down to the interference of evil especially if you have an important mission to complete for God whilst here on Earth.

What is evil?  Evil beings are created by the Lord of Darkness and they are searching for all Good Souls on Earth to destroy and stop them completing their mission.  The Lord of Darkness was created by God but developed some negative techniques which created chaos and those being have been created with the chaos energy.

How does evil arrive on Earth?  They are born in the same way Good Souls are born. Absolutely, they are evil from birth. Sad isn’t it and we are encouraged by society to accept these beings in that they can eventually become good.  Impossible.  This is one of the many ways evil hides behind what is good to flourish and be accepted.

All missions for God are important you may feel what you are doing or asked to do is small in the way of things, each fragment when put together creates the bigger picture so all is important. Being Good and not succumbing to temptation is high on the list.

Some missions are simple just being a good person every day and maintaining the God Light in your home and environment this is very important, as it gives energy to allow the growth of others who are good.  In the long run every good person is working for the benefit of other good people. Start to be proud of being Good as it is certainly unique.

I do find the year-end and new year to be a nonsense. Why?

Each person is born on a unique day and time on Earth and our set of phases and tasks to complete are different from others. Many people have been working on clearing issues for many years and attaining new skills. It is sheer folly to think one day everything is completed and you can start anew something else you have no idea what it is. More than likely copying or wanting to do what another person is doing be it good or evil.  The year time is fictional and man-made all part of the confusion.

Until you have completed the phase or tasks within the phase you will have no idea what it is you are expected to commence for the next phase and set of tasks.  Only by working with your soul will it be revealed to you.

You will continue to work on the same phase until it is completed to the satisfaction of God. Then and only then you will move on to a new phase.  Some phases last many years according to the fake time scale we follow.

If you were in the middle of closing some issues in your life at the end of the year with tasks unfinished.  You cannot walk away and leave it half done.  You must complete the tasks or phase.

Some people try to make things look easy and the practices are easy if you know how to do them effectively.  If you like to walk away from incidents in your life leaving a trail of unfinished tasks and phases or think it is up to another person to fix it for you then you are listening to or reading books of very misguided people.   You will end up coming back to Earth time and time again until you complete the phases and tasks properly. You will be noted as a coaster, lazy and unachiever.

Many of my friends and I are seriously working through our phases and tasks.  We work together helping each other understand and give support.  The hardest phase is bringing closure to long and difficult times in your life.  This takes dedication and perseverance as each little node or knot is unraveled and cleansed and released each loose end also has to be tied and sealed off before it is complete.

If you require any help with the phases in your life please contact me

Simply be you, Live your life simply.






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