How to be Unique?


We all hear the saying everyone is unique.  This is true for the most part anyway.

When you start to unfold your Spiritual God Given Gifts where do you think you should learn how to do this?

By reading books, I admit reading many books on “spiritual development” but there were none that was able to teach me.  I also went on courses and those running the courses had no understanding of me.  Complete waste of time and money.

Nothing could teach me:

  • How to be me
  • How to unfold my gifts
  • How to use my gifts
  • How to protect myself

Do you know why there are no books available on how to do this because each good soul is unique.

  • The only way to unfold and learn how to use your gifts is through prayer to God.
  • The more you connect to God the more you open your Soul.
  • The more you commit to God the more you become connected to the Divine Spiritual Kingdom.
  • This is the only Self-Empowerment.

There are no empowerment books as one method does not fit all.

You have a choice to learn how to be unique or become a copy of a book or a clone of a “guru”

I only have a few books on herbalism and aromatherapy.  I do read for relaxation but they are not educational.

My Soul controls everything, the Soul is the real you housed in your body shell.

My Soul :

  • Heals me
  • Teaches me when to release and forgive
  • Advises on what to eat
  • Advises on the steps to take and goes at my pace
  • Inspires me
  • Guides me
  • Guides me on how to gives help and assistance to others
  • Directs me on what to do each day
  • Interacts with all life

I can teach you how to connect to your Soul and then the rest is up to you. 

Unfold and work in your way to become self-empowered and unique.

NB:  No amount of meditating will connect you to your Soul it just connects you to a web of minds.

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Simply be you, live your life simply


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