Nothing worse than a Migraine, I mean Migraine not a headache

I suffered many years with Migraines and note this well a Migraine is one step below having a stroke so this is very serious and should be treated with care. If you vomited as much as I did this is weakening your stomach and digestive system which in turn makes you allergic to many foods.

A Migraine is incapacitating.  It would knock me out for at least four days with extreme pain and vomiting, the need to have the curtains closed to stop any glare from the day light aggravating the pain. I could only drink water and eventually very bland food.  I found I was able to eat slices of apple and strawberries they were refreshing and very gentle on the digestive system.

I never had them in when I lived in Australia and my father suffered from them in the UK and not after he moved to Australia. When we returned to the UK the Migraines started.

I would say the major trigger of a Migraine is stress.  The stress can come from the environment we live in, the food we eat, home life and work environment.

Work and school environment changed from sitting in a class room in Australia with fresh air and natural lighting to one of claustrophobic air less class room with fluorescent lighting.  I found I was almost passing-out in the UK class room the environment was intolerable.

It was not until some years later that Migraines really plagued me.  My stress levels of being a single parent and the work environment.  The fluorescent lighting is a major factor in creating Migraines I would have to sit somewhere I could work without direct lighting over my head.  Meetings were difficult I would have to go early to the meeting room to find the best place for me to sit sounds selfish but I had a low tolerance for fluorescent lights and stuffy rooms these would bring a Migraine on very quickly if I was not careful in where I sat.

I went to the doctors about my migraines and they put me on Migraleve it was good to start with but soon the Migraines became worse and the little yellow tablets which were codine were not strong enough. I had to be given a High Dosage of Codine and I was not happy about this nor was my body and this was the first time my Soul took action.  I came home from work in a very bad state, physically shaking with a thumping Migraine I took the Codine tablets and as quickly as I swallowed them immediately my soul and body projected them out vomiting them up.  I did not know what to do I called the doctor out and he prescribed Sanomigraine they did nothing.  When I could I went to the doctor and told him about this he said you are to take them everyday to stop the Migraines.  Oh wonderful.  I decided the following weekend I would start them and I could not get out of bed I was delirious. No thank you to taking them.

This made me start to look into natural medicine, I did this myself.  I started to read about Migraines and also watch my diet.  I was told by a friend the Five Cs should be avoid for Migraine – Caffeine, Citrus, Cheese, Chocolate and Cream.  I cut these from my diet and it helped a little.

I found that the following were the main foods which triggered Migraines:

  • Monosodium Glutamate MSG
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Artificial Food Colourings
  • Chemicals in the processed food

In general I ate fresh meat and vegetables I love cooking, but with working and being single Mom instead of making stocks from the bones or carcass of the meat I was choosing to use stock cubes from the supermarket and they have all the above additives in the ingredients.  Eventually stock cubes were made without the additives and supposed to be organic.  Nothing is better than your own stock even if it just made from vegetables.

I also found meat sold in the supermarket had MSG injected into it.  I was shocked as I loved to make Honey Roast Ham and the uncooked ham had MSG in it.  I just happened to notice the label.

This meant I had to scrutinize everything I ate and refamiliarise to buy different products.

I found the climatic conditions in the UK were not at all beneficial either too humid and lack of sunshine and now living in an arid climate has definitely also helped with my health. Sunshine is one of the best health boosters and it is free and very natural.

From having serious Migraines where the vomiting also resulted in Allergenic Asthma and harmed my Liver.  I worked through my diet eliminating foods and adding different foods making sure I was not eating additives and eventually I have healed myself of both Allergenic Asthma and Migraines.  I do get headaches occasionally and I drink weak black coffee for this and it goes within minutes.

Even though the Migraines disappeared I still suffered from nausea which is from the Liver and for this I take Anise either in a tea form or I just eat a few of the seeds within in minutes the nausea disappears and also it freshens the mouth.

Having gone from being unable to eat or tolerate many foods I can enjoy a good variety food without any side effects.  Most important Migraine Free.

I hope this little story about myself may help you if you suffer from Migraines. Help you realise you have to analyse yourself to improve your own health and I am glad I made the effort.

Simply be you, live your life simply.


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