How can it be assessed?


How can it be assessed?

It is impossible to test or assess what someone can do in spiritual work.  This is between the person and the Divine.

I am often bemused at people who display certificates for something unseen not material i.e. Healing, Crystal Work and any metaphysical work.  It proves nothing it is just a piece of paper given by someone who thinks they have achieved.  The Divine or God assess and create those who have the potential to serve.  The Divine advises when you are ready to work and where you have to learn your skills.  The best practitioners are self-taught through their own life and experiments.

Those who jump on the roundabout of new age or known spiritual gurus usually end up with a lot of garbage they have to remove to find their true self.

Has the assessor the potential to judge the student?

Does the student have a higher potential than the “assessor, guru, master”?

As many teachers will rarely admit that their student has a high potential.

I am always delighted when I see or meet very gifted people it is a pleasure.  I just want them to maintain their autonomy and extract the knowledge from their soul to attain their mission or overcome their challenges.   Being gifted does not mean you have to follow a spiritual path though majority who are gifted do follow some kind of spiritual practice.  It also means that you work may be of a material nature rather than spiritual.  You may be here to make physical changes and to teach or reach people with new ways of working.

Too many people think, they have to teach spiritual ways or start a new religion forget that it has already been done and failed.  Far better to be a good person, one who tries to be their best every day. Than a fake guru who thumps out useless practices.

Since I have started to connect to bloggers and reading their posts I find many are very young, well to me they are young.  They have so much knowledge and understanding of life and how things are and will be, this is to be encouraged and not held back with bits of paper which neither show ability or achievement.

When you go to see a spiritual practitioner and they have many certificates for what they do remember this, the certificates are worthless and have no value all it proves is they have paid a high price for a piece of paper for something that cannot be assessed.

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2 thoughts on “How can it be assessed?

  1. ericstone51 says:

    Everyone or anyone can be a teacher. I’ve gotten some of my best teachings from just overhearing a comment at the coffee shop or music or my favorite fiction author. Certificates and qualified religions have nothing to do with any of it. Right.

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