Being Positive


What does feeling positive actually mean?

We are often lead to believe being positive is to be hyper, loud and over exuberant this in reality is a very negative state of being this kind of person’s energy usually leaves you feeling flat because they are sucking their hyper energy from everyone else, that is right they are energy vampires.

Feeling positive is a knowing what you are currently doing feels good making you contented.  It is a gentle energy and this can flow gently to other people you meet uplifting them with positivity.  Your presence in many cases is often enough to help people when you flow with good positive energy.

As you go about your day the positive energy stays with you flowing into everything you do.  It is possible to create your positive environment with your own thoughts, feelings and visions.

It does not mean you will not have down days as this happens it is part of life and everyone has them.  There are also too many negative people around who will be attracted to your brightness and their aim is to bring you down.  You still can pull yourself out of the negative thinking rut.  With your own positive thoughts and words to yourself.

You have to keep strong and continue to flow as you.


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