Now, Later, Never



Sometimes we put too much reliance on others to help do things for us. Do not get me wrong it is good to have help. I have found most of the help that has been on offer lately has been more of a hindrance than any good.  When this occurs all too often you start to procrastinate, I know I do.

I know I have allowed the language problem to stop me being so assertive turning to others to communicate for me or sort difficult situations out.  I sit next to them aghast only to find out they have little understanding in how to deal with such things which for me would be so simple.

I really believe in if you want something doing properly do it yourself. I still manage to do things myself without any help. I prayer for guidance and I see the route to take and where to go.

I rely totally on my intuition.  Trying to work with people who do not see clearly or refuse to allow you to flow  I find exasperating.  If I did not do things myself they would not get done as we all know people can be so unreliable.I have made mistakes, everyone does, so what!, unless you try to stretch your capabilities you will never know.

You may not achieve your goal for the day in the first attempt but you will on the next after contemplating on what you should have done.
Stop putting off for tomorrow in the hope that magically someone will just be there to help.

Get on and do it yourself.


Astounding what you can achieve.

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Simply be you, Live your life simply.

6 thoughts on “Now, Later, Never

  1. avid reader says:

    I admit it too. I sought help for things and then later regretted as I could done a better job.So i stepped forward and did my work, and asked for help if a task was daunting enough and required extra help.

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  2. vincentcarlos says:

    I understand the whole procrastinating idea because of having help from others. this was a great post, will look forward to reading more from you:)

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