The Stranger


The Stranger unknowingly entered center stage.  Life’s journey had brought the Stranger there, walking into an unknown and harsh world.

The Stranger flowed with love, understanding and compassion only to be greeted with jealousy and misunderstanding.

Stranger you could be so much better if you became more like us.

Why declared the Stranger?

They had less to offer than what had already been given.

The days, months passed the trials daunting and sometimes grueling, yet the Stranger stood strong and grew in strength daily.  Healing on the deepest levels and unseen.

The Stranger called out to God for help and help came in ways hard to explain.  The visible tempest calmed but the undercurrent did remain.

The Stranger still flowed with love and compassion it was starting to touch the weary souls whose lives had been clouded by the undercurrent.  They were finding it hard to swim the undertow was so strong.

The Stranger endured the constant emotional and sometimes physical attacks, still the Stranger flowed with Love and Compassion.

The time had arrived for the Stranger to move on with Life to leave the place of harshness and as the Stranger left there was an emptiness a void which could not be filled.  The flowing Love and Compassion was no more.  There was no fountain to hunger after.  The Stranger had gone leaving nothing behind just a memory of an opportunity which was never taken.

simply be you, live your life simply

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