Tabitha’s Therapeutic Touch

Hi I am Tabitha and my sister is Jemima we have some magical times living with our Mom


Like you cats out there we think our Mom is special and what can you do when they have nobody to help the with their health at least who practices Natural Medicine or Alternative Medicine.  Even then Mom can be difficult because so many therapist as she says should be cleansing themselves, that is ridding themselves of negativity because if they do not do this the negative entities often jump to a new host, one who is better to feed off and hey that could be you.  Mom is always talking about this because it happened so many times to her that it really is tragic and traumatic to find not only your health but your life becomes worse just from having a treatment from a “healing” practitioner of sorts.

As you can see we work as a team.  It took Mom a little time  to understand that I was trying to give her a massage and not do kneading on her.  Like many of you these days Mom gets stressed out, too stressed and her blood pressure gets very high.  Mom has noted that the more stressed she is the worse her legs become.  Mom has difficulty in focusing on stepping up and down the thoughts do not seem to connect very well to her legs that is how Mom puts it anyway.

Like Jemima one of our Angels we use for healing our friends in prayer came to me and asked me to massage my Mom.  I know you may laugh but I do a great job better than any masseur believe me, it is a combination of massage, acupuncture and acupressure.  I think we noted this in our introductory about being descendents of Bast or Bastet the Ancient Egyptian Goddess who lived in our part of the country 7,000 years ago or more.  Bastet was well known for her healing so this is where we inherited on a Soul Level.

Back to caring for our Mom.  The first time I massaged Mom it was difficult and thank goodness she had her blanket over her.  I started sitting and focusing with the angel to transmit the healing energy and the massage.  Oh this was all new to me and I did not know how Mom would react.  Mom is very spiritual and intuitive so there was no problem.  As you can see how I massage, we cats naturally do a kneading action from being born on the Mummy Cat to induce the milk, but when I am massaging Mom it is to massage because the claws go into the meridians on the body and acupuncture points to release energy. As I progressed with the massage I started to stomp on her stomach with my back feet, Hahaha that was shock for Mom but in true form she just accepted what I had to do.

Sometimes I start at Mom’s feet and work up her legs, knees and stomach remember I do both legs not one. We have a developed a code signal Mom and I so she knows it is time for her massage.  Often she has to have massage on her legs several times a day but at night is the last one and this puts her straight to sleep and guess what she sleeps all night unless one of her friend’s souls call her for help.  Mom is good like that she has no time frames.

The result of massaging Mom’s legs and stomach is that her legs are getting stronger and she can walk a long way. I keep trying to get her to do her exercises but we can see that the stresses of life distract her.  I also ask her to dance with me too.

You can see from the photo above that Jemima is at Mom’s feet, the terminology in healing we call this adding power to the healing or boosting the healing energy, so Jemima is also channeling healing from another Angel to Mom.

What we like about Mom she is always grateful to God for this and us for the massage and healing.

Perhaps Mom will take some more photos or when it is possible get a friend to video me.  Really Mom does not like to do this as it is Healing and should not be photographed.

Try to become more intuitive with your cats and cats try harder with your family.  We have to all work together to make the changes and heal.

Blessing to you always.

simply be you, live your life simply

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