Jemima’s Magic Touch

Jemima and bracelet

Hi I am Jemima and according to my Mom I have a magic touch

You see in our home we work as a team, that is we care for each other.  The summer before last Mom was trying to be careful with the heat and not to get dehydrated.  Mom was drinking lots of water.  Was this good or not?

Mom is prone to High Blood Pressure and was feeling dizzy but did you know this was one of the symptoms from drinking too much water. Did you know you can kill yourself from drink too much fluids or water?

This is what happened, Mom was having a nap and she started to perspire profusely.  Perspiration was flowing down her face and going into her eyes as she tried to get up to dry her face, unbelievable this she fell off the bed and went crashing onto the ceramic floor below.  From all the noises she made Tabitha and I knew Mom had hurt herself seriously.  It seemed like forever for her to get up off the floor. We were really worried.

Our observations of Mom is that she is good at walking pain off, but this was not happening she could hardly move and was in great pain with her back and hips.

These things always happen when Mom needs to go shopping and she will not ask anyone for help as Mom says friendship here comes with a price tag and she is fed-up of it.

Mom went shopping to get food for us and she struggled getting off the local transport and walking back home with the groceries, yes, that’s right nobody helped her even though she was in so much pain.


This is me going to meet Mom when she arrives home and Tabitha still keeping watch on her.

Mom painfully put everything away and went to lay down she was in terrible pain. Tabitha and I talked things over and then we prayed like Mom does for us and others every day for help on what to do for Mom.

In the evening an Angel from God spoke to me and told me how to help Mom.

When Mom went to sleep I lay down beside her my spine to her spine just as the Angel told me and I never moved not a fraction all night. The Angel transmitted the healing through me to Mom.

A miracle happened in the morning when Mom woke up she was cured no pain, nothing.  Mom thanked God and me for healing her.  Mom said she could feel the healing energies flowing up and down her spine.

Our Mom is naughty you know we tell her off.  Mom was cleaning the downstairs of the house moving heavy furniture about and you know it, Mom hurt her back and knees again. I did the same procedure this time before Mom had to go shopping.  The Angel visited and transmitted the healing through me and again when Mom got up in the morning no more pain.

When you receive so much love and have so much love to give miracles can happen and they do.  God knows who he can count on and that includes us cats.

Blessings from us always.

simply be you, live your life simply

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